Hey there friends! It’s April 1st and I could care less!~ I’m a total grinch about April Fools Day, I have a story that would make you want to cuddle me and tell me it’ll be alright. But i’m not going to tell my April Fools story because I’m feeling really smiley and positive this morning 🙂 I would rather show you some pictures over the last week or so. Some of these were posted on my Twitter and some are brand new! 
Here’s just two cuddly pics of me in my depends just as I was leaving my place. It’s been pretty chilly here lately (50’s~60’s) so crinkles have been in order. I am doing better about wearing on my own again, I sometimes feel sad after spending time with someone that I don’t have anyone else to play with, and wearing reminds me that i’m alone (i’ve complained about this before). But I do realize that crinkles before bed are a sure-fire cure for bad dreams. So I’ve been wearing to bed more and if the weathers right, all over town. Like a good girl 🙂
 I was in the sleepy beach town of Ventura, California. And visited a rather posh mall. I of course was in my crinkles, malls are only tolerable if you had a mommy or daddy and luckily I had a friend visiting so I had a chance to be little, it was fun, I have been wanting to feel more little than big lately, perhaps because i’ve been too much of a big girl lately. Anyway, I found a my little pony sleeper and this sleeper… it seems lately they slap a pony or a potleaf on anything and everything 😮
I went to the store and this middle-aged woman was stocking up. I’ve questioned the scenario a few times, from a Netflix marathon or maybe delivering to a seniors tennis camp? I figured that I shouldn’t bother with it, though I did kinda want to make a little bed out of them all 🙂
Que burro es pequeño.
 I have been playing with plugs more often lately too, but also stuffing with pads and all that fun stuff. Again, I have been having moments of feeling really really little lately, cuddly and vulnerable. I’m doing good with my hormones, staying soft, just trying to feel good about my diaper situation.
Here’s a little preview of a new set of portraits, excited to get the whole set on disc. I just couldn’t help but share one a little early pics, cute!

This last picture is a coloring page from a littles event, I was coloring the fairies but then I was called away and my friend made the fairy have an accident :/ Poor little fairy!

Talk soon friends, happy April, big month for me, capcon and clips4sale hooray!
Best spring wishes and more stuff soooon! 

2 thoughts on “adventura

  1. Kinda sound like me .. altho most days are blah for me .. half the time I dont know if im comming or going .. all days are just another day for me .. so I do know the feeling about how you feel .. some days you just want to give up .. and other days are are just great like it could get better .. just remember keep pluging away and and youll get throu it .. in thoes really dark days try to think of one happy memory and hold on to that one for as long as you can and the gets alittle better… love the sleeper lol looks like a rasta sleeper.
    Have a good one riley

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