lol wut

I got an e-mail from Depend, inside of this email was this really bizarre video. It’s almost like something you’d see on Tim & Eric, so much humour and advertising has been moving more towards the understated and awkward though here I don’t think it’s entirely intentional. Here’s a clip from the most recent Depend “Great American Try-On” campaign spot.
Video Missing
I don’t know if i’ve mentioned this, but I really like diapers and seeing other people in diapers. So of course I turned it to 1080p and slowly clicked through trying to notice it, but you really can’t, not like in this commercial. There are a bunch of other videos on their youtube featuring some football players, those are pretty *yawn* but there is one with Snoop Dogg/Lion. What a strange world we live in. Depend has been really stepping up their game, someday I want to be in a Depend commercial instead of just making my own 🙂
I don’t have much more to report, hugs everyone and more stuff soon!

7 thoughts on “lol wut

  1. Depends aren't what they were. I used to *love* the old green Depends, which had secure tapes on the sides, leg gathers and most important, elastic at the waist which made it possible to pull them up and down.

    They also *looked* like diapers, which did a lot to make them appealing to me. Because of the stigma surrounding adult diapers that unfortunately still exists, Depend over the years has made their product look more and more like underwear. They don't look much more absorbent than underwear, either, seeming suitable only for minor leaks. Let's just say I need a *little* more protection than that.


  2. Riley, When you'll return home after this weekend, send me a mail. I've seen Jenny's site besause i like to see what women like me, do with diapers. What mens do with, is not interesting for me, and more, I dont like looking this,certainly it's reminding me old nighmares, I don't like this, and think for me it's an horror. Looking diapered girls make me jealous, but I know I can do the same after if I want. I think for us girls, be diapered is not the same trip than for boys. More, I asked me for a long time: is there an explanation analogy between liking diapers and thinking girl in a boy body.
    Now I think no, because now after a surgery operation m to F, I just do loving be smal girl just like other smal sisters doing this for themselves…! I don't know for boys.
    when I was young no-way-forbidden-girl, diapers saved me from dying, getting in good condition the small girl I stand to be, préparing the big woman I become until now. The two thing so are separate and have not the same origin in my life: What I am spiritly and essentialy: a girl, a female, a woman; and what I do with diapers: repeating a trauma but this made me a way to search a possibly life, making me now reassured like i was as young baby. Claire, from France.

  3. Sometime you have a jewel. You put the marvelous jewel in a lovely pretty cut Box. One day, Don't know why, there's no jewel in the box, but she is so cut and lovely box! Will you throw it in the trash can? No! No! you'll better put it in a lovely place. One day you find a pretty cut thing, you put it in the box; you don't know if the thing important is the box or what is in the box, things change, not the box. Diaper is like the box, Riley, it's not so bad looking this lovely box, you know you have a bad jewel in it; one day, knowing why, it will be mist. But, in the lovely box, you will have a lovely thing. I hope you will enjoy the lovely thing, and also I think you will keep the lovely box to cherish this precious sex…

  4. … the box and the lovely jewel are two separate things. I didn't know it was so true. To preserve the jewel you need a box, and for a box it is better to have this function of preserving precious things.
    I stand to have pretty cut diapers and want to be proud wearing them as I am a big woman and also the little girl I have always been. You like very much pretty diapers. In japan are sold for adult girls very cute plastic diapers, but me I need thin diapers, easy to wear, not too wet, but good in wet use. I dream off colored diapers without being expensive. The wet question is an other question. For night everyone must find his way. Me I don't like to be wet a long time but accidents come often, so a lovely diaper with a coat in add is for me the best, but I would like to find it a the corner's store, like every one need it. Claire from France.

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