back from Chicago

What an awesome weekend at CapCon! The Chicago Ageplay Convention was tons of fun, tons of awesome people (over 100 in attendance) and great vibes! I’ll be posting some more video talking about the experience, but here’s a little taste of a happy Riley in Millennium Park… if you’re ever in Chicago, you’ve got to see The Bean!
Hugs everyone, more stuff soon, my presentations went great and i’ll be spending some time this mornign collating information… pardon the long break in content, crazy couple weeks, exciting stuff sooooooon 🙂

3 thoughts on “back from Chicago

  1. I think you're simply adorable … just cute as a button … 🙂 … glad to hear you had such a good time!



  2. I didn't find out about that convention until it was over (just my luck). Is this every year about the same time? Now that I know about it, I might see you next year….=)


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