Baba O’Riley

I had an enema the other day~~~Β 

I was feeling playful and hadn’t had one in a while. I got out my camera and my teddybear, I prepared my surrounding and put on a little play dress. I was already in diapers from the night before, I didn’t have any nighttime accidents so I was still dry and feeling incredibly cuddly.

And then time for the enema. I used two of those little disposable ones… I needed to wet also but forgot about that as soon as I started the enema. I sit on my bear sometimes to help retain the enema, retention leads to deeper cleaning. I can’t really say I do this for health reasons, I just like the feeling πŸ˜›

I read aloud from a book about cactuses to distract myself from the need to mess. You can hear the faltering in my voice from my full bottom as I read, I always like being given an arbitrary task when i’m suffering through some sort of mild torture, like doing dishes with a plug or eating at a restaurant in chastity. I could only read for a little over a minute so I go back to sitting on my bear, whimpering and sucking my thumb.

And finally, it all became too much for me, and I just couldn’t hold it anymore.

I felt pouty and vulnerable, humiliated, especially after the intensity of the enema made me wet my already full diapers. I couldn’t help but play with my clit a bit, though I wish I had a daddy here to do that, to administer the enema, to clean me up and give me a bath afterwards… those thoughts got me playing with my clit, I won’t be posting pics of that though πŸ˜› I took a nice shower and disposed of my very soaked crinkleΒ  For the rest of the day I stayed in my diapers and felt happy and sated. A little extra attention paid towards oneself can really add a shine to your day πŸ™‚

It’s been a moment since I posted last, pardon, I wanted to make it up by posting some pictures. I have been well, busy, traveling, family, podcasts… life stuff πŸ™‚ I’m back and ready to share some crinkly thoughts. I’m also not going to mention the particular brand of diaper i’m wearing in these pics, because the company that makes them are not the kind of people i’d like to promote. Crinkle politics can be tricky πŸ˜› These are caps of a video, I may make it available sometime in the future, but I try to keep my messy videos to myself and my private video site.Oh, and more pics on Imgur !

I didn’t know what to call this post, “Enema for Daddy” was a little filename-ish, so I’ll take a note from my surroundings and leave you with some The Who. Today I’m meeting a new friend for coffee, I’ve been listening to stadium rock as I pull up my tights and put on eyeliner, I feel pretty darn motivated. I’m trying to break out of my comfort zone and get more familiar with this city and its people… happy thoughts, look forward to more posts this weekend! Hugs!

The exodus is here
The happy ones are near
Let’s get together
Before we get much older.

Waiting for CapCon

Hey there friends! If you’re here from the BigLittlePodcast, the info on CapCon Crinkle Caucus will be up by [Edit: called out of town, will have available soon]! In the meantime, here’s some super cute pics of me getting dressed from ~~~ Hugs everyone!!!