not for lack

Hey friends! I’ve got some new things to tell you about and some old things to update you on! Lets start with the Aesthetics I love, love love the new look of my site, I hope you do too! A friendly Capcon friend (user D_Sailor on Fetlife) did an awesome job sprucing up the place. We’ve added links to my social media and Clips4Sale, made a cute new banner and have other plans for it in the future. Trying to get my site out of the 2000’s and into modern capabilities, look forward to more neat stuff as the blog grows,

I have been summer job hunting, which means new haircute, new business woman outfits, and a new positive outlook. It can be scary to get a job as a transwoman, but it’s also scary to walk down the street or pour out your heart on the Internet, and i do that all the time. For privacy’s sake, I probably won’t tell you what I’ll do or where I’m doing it, but if all of a sudden I start being productive and focused and complaining less about money, then that might be a good sign I got a job 😛

 Now on to more devious things… I got a new chastity belt! It’s pink and silicone and was a gift from a friend. I made a little unboxing video but it’s not edited yet :0 I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet but I will soon, I’m sure I am on my way right now to Global Reddit Meet-Up day to see what that’s all about, then I’m off to an Adult Baby munch, exciting day, lots of positive socializing! I’m still going to this stuff all by myself, and being new here it’s kinda hard to make friends but I’m going out and dressing cute and being me, can’t wait to see what comes of it! I hope it’s good stuff.

So more stuff soon, keep an eye on my twitters for new posts and look forward to a chastity video soon… Fun!

5 thoughts on “not for lack

  1. Is it odd that I find Business Riley to be really, really attractive? Cause that outfit just looks really great on you!

    As someone who is still job hunting, I wish you the best of luck!

  2. Love the look of the new site. Job market is tough, but I am sure you will find a great job. You are a very strong person. Good luck with that. I agree with twistedfrosts you do look great in that outfit.

  3. Looking great Riley, very nice outfit as well… I hope everything turns out to be great everyday after. Take care out there^^

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