1st & 3rd

This is a pretty darn cute of plastic pants, right? I think they’re really little-looking, i like them 🙂 Summer is coming up so no more thick plastic anything outside! I guess that means i’ll be in my pullups more often…
That’s ok, I’m fine with pullups. But these big girl ones won’t do, I need the ones with the cartoons on them! I have some goodnites left, though i’m trying to save my tinkerbells for special occasions, like my wedding night or something 😛 I think it would be fun to have a traditional marriage for friends/family, and something more intimate for myself and the lucky bachelor. I like the idea of spending the night on the beach, maybe in silence, meditating and making love, watching the sun rise and set together. I’m not a huge fan of traditional weddings, but I do like the idea of wearing a big, poofy wedding dress, garters, stockings, and a thick white diaper with lots of stuffers. Waddling down the aisle, this thought makes me smile really big 🙂

To your left you can clearly see a young lady in boring, unreliable, scratchy generic “protective underwear”. She seems skeptical that they will meet her needs, and though they aren’t super absorbent, they managed not to leak when the inevitable accident happened, but an immediate change (or de-sogging) was needed. Riley knows not to tempt the fates, so it was time to put on something thicker and safer, as she was a notoriously heavy wetter. It was getting towards the end of the night and Riley had finished a big glass of water without even thinking about her poor sheets.

Riley searched all over her room for something to get all taped up in, and she found a random diaper and one for bear too. She snuggled up and listened to the sounds of the trees outside and the crinkles under the covers. When Riley woke up she kissed bear right on the nose, got into her chair and snapped a picture. She thought it was cute so she made a post about it!
Thanks for reading, I’m obviously a mess of romantic, cuddly, longing emotions right now. I’ll go take a cold shower, maybe put myself back into my chastity thingy, and try to think about something other than daddy hands touching me and daddy arms holding me.
More stuff tomorrow~!

 Here’s a .gif I made from an episode of Futurama,  “How I’m feeling about my breasts” 

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