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Hey friends! This is a little post, just a selection of crinkly/cute photos over the last week or so. Very few of these are “good” pictures, but they are more spontaneous and show the real me, just a snuggly little diaper girl 🙂

The two below are a bit of a before/after, a friend put me into pretty thick nappies and white institutional plastic pants (left) because i’m such a wetter… maybe a week later, I get cocky, think I can goto bed with just a pullup… I wet, soak my sleeper, get all upset and try to adjust myself so i won’t leak, ultimately making the diaper over flow more… I abandon all hope, start sucking my thumb and just let nature take it’s course. It wouldn’t be the first time i’ve taken the wet sheets walk-of-shame.

Two playful mirror pics… this is one of my oldest/favorite dresses, from a Wal-Mart in Western Mass, it still fits and I love running around the house in just my flirty little school dress, loudly crinkling up the stairs, maybe even letting a daddy reach under the skirt to check if i’m wet or dry 🙂 I really need a daddy to help me brush my hair, it’s all messy 😛 Mommy’s are good at that too~

 A little last one, all snuggled up, cleavage looking good, feeling happy… Not just optimism, but actually excited about life, about my body, about where those things are taking me. More thoughts soon lovers~ StayDiapered!

9 thoughts on “twitter my thumbs

  1. Your photo on the left of the photo with the wet bed above is
    “Ultra Innocent:, “Ultra Feminine”, & “Ultra Adorable!! SO Baby Soft!!”
    Precious little babygirl princess!!

  2. Aww, It's ok. It took me many many years and many many wetties to realize that little princesses were just never meant to be potty trained. Even still leaks happen. Spare clothes in my diaper bag just in case.

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