cupcake snuggles

I have a sleeper that has cupcakes on it. It’s my softest one and I really like it, I wore it last night. I didn’t wear a nappy because I was too sleepy to put one on, I’m still pretty exhausted from being sick and stuff. Life is tough guys, being yourself can be tough… I’m not sure who “myself” is at the moment, it’s ok though, I’m trying to avoid introspection. I really, really, want to start getting ready for SRS, highly considering getting an orchiectomy very soon. Hormones are kicking my butt, life is kicking my butt, but i’m staying (mostly) positive.

I’m going to go eat a burrito the size of my head. Oh, and here’s a tumblr picture of me in my white cotton panties, sucking my thumb like a good little cuddlepants 🙂

little piece of heaven

Hey there friends! It’s little cuddlepants Riley, all curled up with her bear. I have the sniffles, flat out in bed 😦 I need some snuggles really bad, but I don’t think anyone would want to snuggle with me because i’m so drippy and gross right now… Here’s a picture of me from when I wasn’t sick.

Nothing special, kinda artsy, I like mirrors. I finished watching Twin Peaks last night, had seen the first season a number of times and was saving the second season for the rest of my life… I suffered through the last half of the second season, it’s really awful, almost unbearable at times. The ending was *ok* though there’s a clear ending to the series long before it actually ends, most of Season 2 feels tacked on. Granted, before it spirals down the drain, it’s likely the best TV show i’ve ever seen. I’m going to wait a month or so to watch Fire Walk With Me, my brain hurts from last nights marathon.

I had a really cool dream, the fevered dream of a madwoman, maybe 2 nights ago at the height of my sneezy sniffling grossness. I had 2 friends with me, I forgot why, but we were traveling to this place that I’ve visited before in my dreams, a big redbrick library/museum in Sweden that looks like a mix between my middle school and the Getty Center. The way we traveled was horrifying but also really cool, my dream had invented this new way to travel across the globe in a few minutes. I am afraid of rollercoasters but love those motion simulation rides, and it was like that. I remember it being like a bus inside, assorted trash and food wrappers all over the interior.

We sat down and the plane took off from the center of Manhattan, a fun intercom voice talked us through how the plane worked… it was strange, we took off, shot really high in the air and just as we came down over the skyline, we lurched forward and up again. After doing this a few times (it didn’t feel scary, just a little nauseating) we finally made it to the ocean and the intercom voice made it clear we were going to blast off. A screen popped up and made it look like we were following a road, and after about a minute of powerful acceleration, the ship landed and we got out. My group got off the plane and we assembled outside the library, then a text woke me up.

I did some writing on dating and trouble finding legitimate partners “in real life”, but it came off awful and pouty. post, more stuff soon (though it’ll probably be a few days until I make some posts). I was considering getting one of the newer Ipod Touch thingys so I can take better photos, I heard they took off the regular camera, but it turns out they didn’t, so I’m saving up for one. More stuff soon, kinda random post, things are going good other than the fact that i’m sniffly and miserable. I feel better today than I did yesterday, but still pretty gross 😦

Hugs everyone! Big cuddles and happy thoughts, i’ll have my orange juice this morning and try my best to feel better 🙂 

animal parade

Hello there! This is your cuddly friend Riley, just checking in 🙂
I don’t have any new videos or pictures to show you, so here’s a cover of a Jean Michel Jarre ambient classic “Hypnose” with lots of kitties and bunnies and turtles and hedgyhogs 🙂
I haven’t been able to find the 4t-5t My Little Pony pull-ups anywhere! I haven’t been wearing very often lately as I’m almost all out of tape-style diapers, my favorite for bedtime. I may have to just pick up a pack of depends until I order some more, always works in a pinch 😛 That’s my little progress report, I’ve been busy like crazy lately, getting into the groove of balancing work and posting, it’ll just take time. Hugs everyone, lots of thoughts in regards to trans* employment and getting back on one’s feet, i’m hopeful for ::us::
Smiley summertime thoughts, miss you internet friends! I promise to post something soon if only to get that weird looking cat off my front page 😛


Hey there!!! I’ve got a tiny new post for you today, just to say that i’m going to be damn busy this next week or so, and you may not hear from me. This busyness is a good thing, just need to focus on the matter at hand, and put the crinkles and cuddles on hold for a second. Me and bear did fall asleep snugglin’ last night, so thats nice 🙂

Hugs, more stuff but not very soon :/ keep an eye on twitter/tumblr, links at the top!!!