animal parade

Hello there! This is your cuddly friend Riley, just checking in 🙂
I don’t have any new videos or pictures to show you, so here’s a cover of a Jean Michel Jarre ambient classic “Hypnose” with lots of kitties and bunnies and turtles and hedgyhogs 🙂
I haven’t been able to find the 4t-5t My Little Pony pull-ups anywhere! I haven’t been wearing very often lately as I’m almost all out of tape-style diapers, my favorite for bedtime. I may have to just pick up a pack of depends until I order some more, always works in a pinch 😛 That’s my little progress report, I’ve been busy like crazy lately, getting into the groove of balancing work and posting, it’ll just take time. Hugs everyone, lots of thoughts in regards to trans* employment and getting back on one’s feet, i’m hopeful for ::us::
Smiley summertime thoughts, miss you internet friends! I promise to post something soon if only to get that weird looking cat off my front page 😛

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