cupcake snuggles

I have a sleeper that has cupcakes on it. It’s my softest one and I really like it, I wore it last night. I didn’t wear a nappy because I was too sleepy to put one on, I’m still pretty exhausted from being sick and stuff. Life is tough guys, being yourself can be tough… I’m not sure who “myself” is at the moment, it’s ok though, I’m trying to avoid introspection. I really, really, want to start getting ready for SRS, highly considering getting an orchiectomy very soon. Hormones are kicking my butt, life is kicking my butt, but i’m staying (mostly) positive.

I’m going to go eat a burrito the size of my head. Oh, and here’s a tumblr picture of me in my white cotton panties, sucking my thumb like a good little cuddlepants 🙂

6 thoughts on “cupcake snuggles

  1. Riley Princess,
    Do “NOT” get an orchiectomy; when you get SRS they will need the skin from your testicles for outer lips or labia. Getting the penis removed is even worse, because that is what is used to make the vagina.
    Do NOT get any surgery NOW; It WILL come in time; don't try to do “in-parts” because you feel like you're not getting anything done and you want to do SOMETHING to make up for it, if that is what inspired the idea for an orchiectomy NOW; be patient, but also keep on your schedules and appointments. In another year or two you'll need someone to follow you around with a baseball bat to protect you!!

  2. Hey riley Sorry to hear that life is kicking your b*** right now I think it's doing that for everybody I hope you feel better from your sickness or what not um I'm a little Saddened by looking at some comments on a YouTube video. I just watched the bill Cunningham video for the first time that guy is a dick. I'm glad you stuck to your guns and you did such a great job you look more professional than that guy will ever look he is not a talk show host at all. But that's not what saddens me with satin me was kind of I'm not really sure if I want to talk about it on your blog here but its just I look at you from afar for a long time now I do like you I think you're awesome person its just some things I just can't get over . I love the fact that you been so brave your one of the bravest people I know. Even though I'm older than you are you have taught me things like to accept me for who I am I didn't know how to go about anything that I was dealing with In my life because I just didn't know how to deal with it but watching your videos in reading your blogs it is all help me in anyway. If you would please could you contact me via email @ serialaudiophile @ i would love to chat norhing creepy just buisness. Ty have a good day

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