plastic pants and clichés

 Exhibit A: 
Riley Kilo, in plastic pants.
 Exhibit B:
An Email I received. It’s weird to get emails from mainstream sources that speak to your life. I was in bed, had just leaked a little bit outside of my Attends and before crawling out of bed I was checking my phone email… a habit I’m not fond of, but I digress. I saw the title of this email and thought, wow, I really do need something to better manage leaks, but it’s probably not wearing a Depend. Regardless, it was nice of them to offer.
Thinking it might be of some help, I also forwarded the email to the NSA 😛 

I have been a good girl, have some exciting travel coming up next month, thanks for reading and stories and cuddles and more stuff sooooooon!

creative sweety

Hey there friends! It’s little Riley, up early on this Monday morning! I’ve got a busy day ahead of me but wanted to stop by my little corner of the internet and leave a couple photos for you 🙂

I’ve been learning photoshop to a depth that I hadn’t before, and getting more intimate w/ Premiere and After Effects too. I’d like to make better videos and take better photos, do more with the photos I have now. I am considering more mainstream work in computers, after my recent work adventures I’ve realized computers isn’t the only job that’s risky on my hands. I’m looking into ergo-mouses and drawing pads. In the meantime, you’re going to see my crinkly butt on cam more often… info soon, now onto the pictures 🙂

As added cuteness, the rest are on 😛 Hugs! More stuff soooooon! Oh, and the newest Big Little Podcast is out ~~~ Check it out, all about Pride and the Community!

breaking the

Hey there snuggle friends! It’s a lovely Sunday evening here in Los Angeles, though (as I often do) I wish I was somewhere else. I wish I was in the Favelas of Brazil, taking photos of life, though I’d much rather be on the beach, having photos taken of my pale whiteness under that bright Portuguese sun.
I’m sitting in my apartment, not yet a crinklepants but that will happen in the near future. I was chatting w/ old friends and i’ve just put on the light-hearted romantic comedy (no) “Breaking the Waves“. It’s by one of my favorite directors, and I have a feeling it’ll be too sad and scary for me to finish tonight. I make the same squeeky noises as Emily Watson does while making love. 
I have a *happy* music video to share, pretty people and pretty sounds.
I also found some of the My Little Pony pullups. They fit (3t-4t size) but just barely. Below are 2 photos of myself showing how wet my wet nappy is. Again, the brand of nappy was sent to me by a friend and I won’t be sharing it, though they look cute they aren’t terribly good. I have some Attends also, so i’ll be wearing those more soon.
Hope everyone had a fun weekend, more photos and phun soon! Hugs!!!

Hugs and Snugs

Hey there friends! Quick little post today to assure you that A.) I’m well and B.) I’m staying in my nappies. Don’t believe me? Well, I’ve got photographic evidence that proves it. Oh, you demand to see the evidence? In some of the photos I have wet nappies, so it’s kinda embarrassing… but if you must 🙂

Hugs everyone, share on tumblr if you’re so inclined… snuggles, I’ll stay in my nappies for today if you think it’s ok 🙂 Hugs and everything, have a great weekend, more stuff sooooooooooooon!!!

just a few from the life o’ Riley ❤ Have a snuggly weekend everyone, don’t forget to wear your pampers 😛

first two were before going out, 3rd is just after coming home, 4th (pouty) is a wet little riley 😛    Oh, and new posts at ~

Waxin’ and Milkin’

Just a few little things today…

First, here’s a picture of my hand covered in Paraffin wax, a treatment for hurt limbs to improve circulation. It’s a weird looking picture, I’m not sure why you’d want to see it, but I snapped the photo and uploaded it and here we are.

This next photo is of a really neat Crayon a friend made for me after visiting the Crayola factory in Penn. It’s shocking pink and has my name on it, it made me smile really big. My friend is a daddy-friend, and it made me feel really snuggly and happy to know that out there they were thinking of me. Special little connections like that are all a little girl really needs, validation goes a long way 🙂

This next photo, which i’ll leave you with, I found in a collection of bad album covers. I think it’s a good album cover, though I can’t imagine what “Sadies Still Got The Rag On” is about. [Edit: bless your heart Youtube] I’ve never been really attracted to breasts, and if I do find myself fantasizing about breasts, it’s always lactation/breastfeeding focused. On the other hand, when it comes to my breasts, I want them caressed, played with, squeezed, clamped, just groped and molested in general. I have to do it on my own most of the time 😛

Happy thoughts of smutty black vinyl and cute pink crayons, soft kitty fur and hot wax… I’ll be sharing some kinky thoughts soon, panties and cuteness soon, tomorrow maybe… ok? Hugs!