cute as a

 Hey there friends!so I got over my cold with the quickness (mushrooms and spicy foods) and shortly afterwards sprained my wrist. I’m feeling good, regardless of the whole wrist thing, have been feeling really really cute lately. Consistently taking hormones is a wonderful thing, finally good to be back on an even keel. I think it’s possible to feel cute no matter how you look, it’s just a inner feeling of confidence, etc. I’m summing up a large amount of feelings into a simple word, one of my favorites… cute 🙂

Stuff like the sprained wrists just seem to happen to me. To pass responsibility onto something that is entirely out of my control, a good deal of the negativity/bullying/accidents in my life have to do with the fact that i’m tiny. Until I was 17, I was about 5’1”, growing a few inches and growing my hair out were a much needed change. My wrists have the circumference of a Burrito Supreme and are about as rigid as one. I miss out on some fun forceful play because I’m so tiny, I can slip out of most restraints and you can’t really put cuffs on me, for safetys sake. Padded cuffs work, mitts are also a
favorite, because they often lock around the forearm.

So to anyone who would wish to do me harm, you now know my weak spot. Or maybe it’s my ankles that are messed up, and I’m just trying to through the bad guys off the trail. Either way, you’re likely to see more video etc and less words, as videos are easier to make than words. I have some neat ideas that i’ll be rolling out this month, to make up for lost time. I’m off to physical therapy (first time in my life getting it) so hopefully I’ll have some positive things to report back. It’s a relatively overcast day here, so I’m going to get into my nappies before heading out 🙂 Snuggles everyone, more stuff sooooooon!!


5 thoughts on “cute as a

  1. Well…. You know if you quit rubbing on yourself your wrist's wouldn't hurt so much 😛 😀 You need someone to do that for you.

    Cums in from behind and rubs Diaper, pulls diapered behind in, rubs Diaper on Diaper 🙂

    Nice nubs!

  2. As someone else whose is small (5'5, 105 here :P) and has do physical therapy, I do know those feels, but it does help a lot!

    You do look super cute in those pics btw 😀 Are those Abena S4s?

  3. I wear diapers 24/7,SDK, an ABU adult pampers style diaper,I Absolutely love it. Iam an AB- toddler,in USA, it helps wift stress,relaxes me,without taking any medicine,I wear baby clothes,I like cribs,highchairs,playpens,my bottle,pacificer,now only if you could go outside in public with getting harassed by police,n people n public,give me a break,,n my space,Iam not showin any nudity n so I like wearing DIapers,, nI respect all others,racially,sexually,n pay taxs, to many cry babies out there!!.if your gay,straight,who cares! Worry about yourself! Be happy!.n let us wear diapers/ nappies in public freely,its my right to do long as I don't break the LAW!.

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