when you’re young and pretty

Hey there internet! There’s a big hole in the front of my pants and all you can see is white plastic through it. I have a couple pairs of jeans that I wear around the house that are sporting huge rips.. You can see the wetness indicator, so I suppose that’s handy if I had a daddy around 😛 I’m getting ready to not be crinkly, I’ll look like a big girl not too long from now, with makeup and big girl undies.

I’ve been commuting a bit lately, so I’ve been jamming out to all sorts of new music, and on the hunt to find more. I’ve been exploring unexplored They Might Be Giants albums, and after revisting Factory Showroom I really fell for this song, “New York City” . It’s really poppy and happy and the lyrics make me just want to snuggle. I went to share it with a friend and found the original version, by Canadian cuddlecore trio Cub.

I realized at this point that the one I heard was a Brooklyn band doing a cover of a Canadian song about New York. I think that’s what I like about it so much, it seemed sarcastic at first, but after listening to more Cub, it’s really just a poppy love song about the ups and downs of love in the big city. I wish I was in NYC right now, I miss the skyline. One of Cub looked a lot like my roomate in the Bronx, and Neko Case was the drummer at one point. This song makes me feel really happy but kinda sad at the same time, like good cuddlecore should. But I’m no expert, I’m new to the genre, I think I’m going to be listening to lots of garage rock this august. I’ll probably will start with every girl band Neko Case has drummed in, starting with more Cub! Hooray!

Ok! Have a wonderful Saturday!!! More stuffs soon 🙂 I wish I had a cute pic to share but i’ve not gotten out of my nighttime nappy and i’m all disheveled… i’ll take on as i’m heading out, and share it with you soon! Hugs everyone!

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