Are These OK Daddy? pt. 1

Are these ok Daddy?” Riley asks, holding up a pair of attends and her powder. Daddy nodded, he and his little girl were going out, lunch and a movie, Riley was fresh out of the shower and it was time for a nappy.

Riley knows once she’s put into diapers, then she’ll have to stay in them, no more potty privileges. That idea always causes butterflies, at least until she sucks her thumb and accepts it.

She sometimes thinks about sucking things other than her thumb, Daddy says “Diapers first”.

“these diapers have big leg gathers and they’re so crinkly… maybe I should have gotten my goodnites…”

“Sorry Riley, but we’re going to be out for a while and I don’t want any accidents”. She holds up the big poofy diaper and tries to hide her smirk, she has leaked on Daddies leather seats more than once.

She may fuss now and then about having to wear them, but Daddy knows that deep down Riley likes the attention of changes, the warm comfyness of her diapers.

That’s why he still keeps her in them, her bedwetting issues could have been solved with proper training and limiting water, the diapers were supposed to be a temporary solution. But she slept so soundly in them that Daddy insisted that she wore her protection to bed “just in case”.

Nighttime diaper changes became a ritual, a time for Daddy/Little bonding. Her bedwetting became more frequent, and thicker diapers/plastic pants were introduced. It just became part of their lives, Daddy even admitted that he liked the smell of babypowder and wet girl.

 Every-night before bed, Riley chooses a pair of plastic pants from her warddrobe, holds them up with both hands and asks “Are these ok Daddy?”

 She thinks the plastic pants are a bit much, but Daddy insists. The snaps make it easier to change her, and Riley gets all pouty and sad if she leaks.

She remembers the first time Daddy put her in diapers during the day, Daddy came out of the shower in the morning to find her, clutching her stuffy, quietly weeping on the bed in a very, very wet diaper.

Daddy took Riley’s hand, put it to her mouth instructing her to suck her thumb, which she did, softly purring to her partner. He gently layed her down, put his strong hands on the side of her face, feeling her soft hair, she immediatly nuzzled against it. He hummed a calming tune and changed her out of the very wet diaper. She felt safe, and a smile came out from under the tears.

He put her in the bath as he got ready for the day, and as she dried up she felt much better. She found another diaper and her pink starry dress neatly laid on the bed, and she knew what it meant. As Daddy taped on her first daytime diaper she knew that as long as she’s with her Daddy, he’s going to take care of her.

 Part 2 Tomorrow! Hugs from this little girl, all wrapped up in her Daddy dreams 🙂

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Are these OK Daddy? pt. 2

From then on, she was Daddies little diaper girl and she couldn’t be happier.

Daddy lived up to his responsibilities, he made sure to watch for diaper rash and never kept her wet for too long. It took them a while to get it right, they were learning together and it brought them even closer.

They tried all sorts of different kinds of diapers, thick ones like Abenas for flights and nighttime, Goodnites for formal events when she wore little black dresses, Attends, Molicares and ATN’s for nights out and around the house.

Daddy always had a bag of Rileys “Pampers” in the car (they were Molicares, Riley always blushes when Daddy says Pampers) in case she needed to be changed in the backseat. Riley also often kept a Goodnite and powder in her purse, just in case. Her diaper needs weaved their way into the couples lives, it felt right for both of them.

It wasn’t always fun and games, sometimes Riley would leak, she’d get upset and bury her face in Daddies shoulder, leaving little wet spots from her eyes. He’d put his arms around her, hold her close, let her know that she’s safe, that things will be alright. He’d hold her as long as she needed, then look her in the eyes as a smile forms on her face. “Let’s get you changed” he’d say, and she’d know things are going to be ok.

And there were the spankings. She was far too sensitive to get into arguments or yelling matches with her Daddy, they loved and respected each other too much. If Riley was bad she got a spanking, and if Daddy was insensitive and inattentive, Riley would just tug on his sleeve and look up with her big blue eyes… and Daddy would find a way to make it right. 

Their relationship changed and so did her wardrobe. Riley and her lover found dresses, skirts and flowy things for her that covered up the often-noticable extra padding on her bottom. She’s a tiny girl so when Daddy puts her in thick diapers and plastic pants (like he has today) it really shows. If she ever gets self-conscious, she needs only to hold her Daddies hand to feel better.

Today’s dress was the first one she wore with her daytime diapers, it was Daddies favorite. She’d sometime get shy and not speak up after she’d had an accident, Daddy found it best to have her in dresses that allowed for convenient diaper checks.

Riley was all ready for her afternoon out with Daddy, she felt a reassuring pat on her bottom and gave Daddy a peck on the cheek as they headed out of her nursery into the world.

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Part 3 soon! Hugs and happy thoughts!

Are these OK Daddy? pt. 3

Daddy laughed… “Riley, how did you manage to get your socks out of sorts before we’ve even left?” He reached down and pulled the droopy sock up all the way to her knees… “There, all better, we’ll be a good girl today won’t we?”. Riley nodded, this outfit made her feel really little and Daddy knew she’d be needing his help with simple things. He made sure her MaryJanes were buckled and held her hand as they went out to the car.

Riley doesn’t like car rides at all, she spends most of the time sucking her thumb and trying not to pay attention. Daddy is proud that his precious little cargo allows herself to be afraid, of cars, of being hurt or hurting others. Before she started being little she never showed her soft underbelly, she always had an emotional shell around her, like a turtle with abandonment issues. Daddy knew it wasn’t good for her emotions to hide like that, they don’t go away, they just turn into sadness. Daddy scratched behind her ear to reassure her, and she made a little happy squeak and went on playing with her phone.

She wished the car had a cute lilac or pink carseat with lots of straps on it, but is a little too embarrassed to mention it to anyone. They arrived at the mall, Daddy always made sure to open her door, not entirely out of chivalry but because her nappies would always show until she arranged herself. “Poor girl” he’d tease, as she fumbled with her dress, pulling it down to cover her secret.

Riley bounced up and down on her bottom with a goofy smile as she ate her burrito, Daddy made sure she finished her veggies before they left. Before buying their tickets to the movie Daddy asked if she needed a change, she nodded, looking at her feet. He asked if she could handle it herself, or if they needed to goto the car. She didn’t like backseat changes and almost always changed herself while out, Daddy allowed her that one potty privilege. She smiled and assured him she was a “Big girl” and could change her own diapers. He got Popcorn, Riley found a safe place to change, all was well.  

The lights went out, the universe was saved, the lights came on. As the theater emptied they gathered their trash and walked out hand in hand. Just as they were leaving Riley couldn’t help but pull up her dress and show Daddy that she didn’t have any leaks during the long movie. She asked “Are these ok Daddy?” as he quickly hushes her. His arm finds it way around her shoulders, bringing Riley close to him to keep her out of trouble. He kisses her forehead, breathing the sweet smell of her fruity shampoo mix with the popcorn smell of the empty theater. “Let’s get you home and changed” he said, and her dress stayed down all the way home.

Upon getting back to their nursery, Daddy realized why Riley was so proud of not leaking. She was absolutely soaked. He knew he should have put her in something thicker, but it was a hot day and they brought 2 Attends just in case… he thinks for movies she’ll be in cloth or an Abenas for now on. She always wants to wear the small diapers, but Daddy prefers to keep her in mediums as she’s such a heavy wetter. Daddy looked down at his wet little girlfriend, shook his head in mock disappointment, “Poor girl…”

Riley giggled, she knew Daddy had come to like diaper changes too. She was a soggy girl, but didn’t want to be changed just yet. She wanted to be held, to have daddies arms around her, to sit on his lap, to sneak little kisses, to make love with him. She knew all these things would come, but she wanted them now. Softly squeezing his bicep, coming closer, her breathing increased, she wants to be close to Daddy, as close as she can get…

“Diapers first” he says.

She pouts, but only for a moment. Riley knows Daddy will play with her later, she kinda likes being told no. She gets out of her wet diapers, and stands in front of her Daddy with her plastic pants at her ankles, tired and disheveled from a afternoon out in the big scary world. Just the two of them and a wet nappy, a daddy and a little girl coming together to make each other feel safe and more importantly, alive. She’s so happy to have a Daddy, and he’s so happy to have a little girl, accidents and all. They both know it this moment, see it in each others eyes, they’re locked in a wonderful silence, the kind only lovers can share.

The final tape comes off, Riley shows Daddy her very wet diaper, looks up with her shy blue eyes and whispers “Are these ok Daddy?”

That’s my story, thanks for reading. If you want to see all of the photos at once, you can visit my Imgur. Big hugs, I hope you liked it, I very much enjoyed writing this fantasy and to a certain extent, living it. I’m still single, I have lovers, friends, but no true Daddy, I’m not “collared” so to speak. I’m sure i’ll find the right person someday, until then I have daddy/babygirl stories 🙂

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One is bigger than the other

Hey there! It’s a little babygirl Riley, being all crinkly this morning in my attends. I slept naked because it was so hot last night, but as soon as I woke up I got into a nappy, my pre-shower nappy… I have been thinking about the 24-7 thing again this winter, the more I wear the less prone to diaper rash I am (after about a week or so adjustment) ~ plus, I am more motivated to do hair removal down there if I’m in crinkles all the time. I miss my diapers, I so look forward to cold weather again!

I just felt so cute and snuggly I had to take a little picture, I’ve got a pretty poofy bottom. I’ve been feeling more comfortable naked sincemy breasts have been growing… well, more like my breasts has been growing, as my left boob is about twice the size and sensitivity of my right. I’m sure they’ll mostly even out as time goes on, I’m happy for any sort of growth at this point. I need more breast massages! I use a heating pad sometimes, put on some Boards of Canada and just massage, pink, grope. Usually after yoga so my blood is all flowing and stuff. I’m more motivated to do the massage thing if i’ve done yoga, you’re maybe seeing that my motivation level (or lack therof) determines whether or not I take care of myself. But how does one stay motivated, not slip into negative space?

Nice comments help 🙂 So does feeling safe, having a plan for the future, support structures, giving and receiving cuddles! I’m probably going to always be searching for some sort of peace that I lack, life is always about learning how to deal. I’m always going to remember the bad things, but it’s how I react to them is maturing as I get more in touch with my feelings. I guess I never realized how different my actions are based off my attitude.

Well, those are some thoughts and pics and stuff for today 🙂 Apartment shopping and stuff, you have a lovely morning and stay crinkly 🙂 

goals and the sameness of hotel rooms

Hello friends! It’s little Riley, in her nappies, sitting down to the keyboard for the first time in too long. I’ve had some pretty exciting adventures while I was away, took plenty of photos 🙂

I just went to my music folder and found a handful of songs with Los Angeles/California in the title and a few of my favorite songs about this place… though most of them are pretty cynical about this place. Though there is much to be said about the negatives of California, this place is so diverse, beautiful, alive… I will always be proud to say I’m from California.

With that said, after almost a year in this apartment and close to 2 in LA, It’s time to move on. I’m looking at a few options, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, San Diego, maybe back to NYC, i’m a bit overwhelmed! My apartment situation is demanding a move, and I’m able to basically go wherever I can afford. I don’t want to stay in LA, I’ll go through reasons, but mostly it’s the car-reliant living and air quality. I need to really focus on health and transition right now, I made a series of goals a few months ago when I hurt my hand, and my trip to the clean air of Colorado provided me the clarity I desperately needed. My goals are as follows, and i’ll break up the monotony with random crinkle pics over the last few weeks.

1.) Get Healthy – Not to say I’m drastically unhealthy, I take pretty good care of myself most of the time, but like everyone I should really see a real Dr. with some consistency, not just for hormones and STD tests. I need to get a primary care physician for both my general heath and for my transition, I simply don’t get the tests I need to make sure the hormones aren’t doing any damage. I need to get off the pills and on injections as well as start seeing a therapist regularly. These needs aren’t going to be fulfilled in my current situation, I know, I’m needy, but a switch to a less populated place with a better doctor to needy patient ratio is much needed. Also, I developed Asthma after my first summer in LA, a fine reason to move to a less toxic place.

2.) Do Something – I have been in a creative drought lately. I write but I never publish, I take photos and record videos but I’m not doing enough. I need to write a book, or make a film, or help others write books or make films. I feel like i’m wasting my potential. This blog is hugely important to me, making videos and sharing stories is my art, it’s what I want to do with my life, and I don’t take it seriously enough (or potentially take it too seriously). I need to not worry and just let the posts, pics and passion flow. My goal is to continue with this blog, do more video and not take month long breaks!!!

3.) Transition – Will I still want to be a girl when i’m no longer young and pretty? Is supressing testosterone sapping my motivation? Am I going to regret surgery? Do I even really pass? THESE QUESTION GRRRRRR I’ve got hundreds more, and they swirl around my head everyday. They don’t exist because they’re valid questions, they’re just uncertainties, some a result of self-loathing, some from the vitriol or innocent curiosity of others, some spawn from just emotions gone awry. I know what decision I want to make and I’m tired of the back/forth, the doubt and frustration. My goal is to enter the next step of my transition, with the proper care, support and focus I should be able to get SRS by 2015 and move on from this whole chapter of my life. It’s not going to solve all my problems, but it’ll solve a big one.

 I want to move somewhere that’s not LA, save up money, work and be creative, get the surgery, maybe fall in love, get a yellow lab and move to the mountains, me the diaper-wearing webcamgirl and him the rugged mountain college professor (pretty much every guy i’ve ever dated has held some sort of professorship, have a thing for elbow patches). Oh, speaking of daddies, here’s a few of those crinkle pics, I think you can tell what my two favorite poses are 😛

Hugs everyone! I’ll be busy busy busy tonight, filming a local trans event for GJLA, something fun and positive. I’m excited about next months new adventure, i’ve given my 30 days and am moving out no matter what… but to where? I know a change like this, or my transition, isn’t going to instantly grant me a better life, or free me from depression/bad habits, but it’s a good start. I’m not running away from anything but rather always running towards something. I’ll keep you posted as things progress, have an awesome Saturday and more cuddles soon from your little wanderer 🙂