One is bigger than the other

Hey there! It’s a little babygirl Riley, being all crinkly this morning in my attends. I slept naked because it was so hot last night, but as soon as I woke up I got into a nappy, my pre-shower nappy… I have been thinking about the 24-7 thing again this winter, the more I wear the less prone to diaper rash I am (after about a week or so adjustment) ~ plus, I am more motivated to do hair removal down there if I’m in crinkles all the time. I miss my diapers, I so look forward to cold weather again!

I just felt so cute and snuggly I had to take a little picture, I’ve got a pretty poofy bottom. I’ve been feeling more comfortable naked sincemy breasts have been growing… well, more like my breasts has been growing, as my left boob is about twice the size and sensitivity of my right. I’m sure they’ll mostly even out as time goes on, I’m happy for any sort of growth at this point. I need more breast massages! I use a heating pad sometimes, put on some Boards of Canada and just massage, pink, grope. Usually after yoga so my blood is all flowing and stuff. I’m more motivated to do the massage thing if i’ve done yoga, you’re maybe seeing that my motivation level (or lack therof) determines whether or not I take care of myself. But how does one stay motivated, not slip into negative space?

Nice comments help 🙂 So does feeling safe, having a plan for the future, support structures, giving and receiving cuddles! I’m probably going to always be searching for some sort of peace that I lack, life is always about learning how to deal. I’m always going to remember the bad things, but it’s how I react to them is maturing as I get more in touch with my feelings. I guess I never realized how different my actions are based off my attitude.

Well, those are some thoughts and pics and stuff for today 🙂 Apartment shopping and stuff, you have a lovely morning and stay crinkly 🙂 

5 thoughts on “One is bigger than the other

  1. That is a pretty shot. One breast, hair free and getting longer. Keep in the positive space and good to see some posting.

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