Are these OK Daddy? pt. 2

From then on, she was Daddies little diaper girl and she couldn’t be happier.

Daddy lived up to his responsibilities, he made sure to watch for diaper rash and never kept her wet for too long. It took them a while to get it right, they were learning together and it brought them even closer.

They tried all sorts of different kinds of diapers, thick ones like Abenas for flights and nighttime, Goodnites for formal events when she wore little black dresses, Attends, Molicares and ATN’s for nights out and around the house.

Daddy always had a bag of Rileys “Pampers” in the car (they were Molicares, Riley always blushes when Daddy says Pampers) in case she needed to be changed in the backseat. Riley also often kept a Goodnite and powder in her purse, just in case. Her diaper needs weaved their way into the couples lives, it felt right for both of them.

It wasn’t always fun and games, sometimes Riley would leak, she’d get upset and bury her face in Daddies shoulder, leaving little wet spots from her eyes. He’d put his arms around her, hold her close, let her know that she’s safe, that things will be alright. He’d hold her as long as she needed, then look her in the eyes as a smile forms on her face. “Let’s get you changed” he’d say, and she’d know things are going to be ok.

And there were the spankings. She was far too sensitive to get into arguments or yelling matches with her Daddy, they loved and respected each other too much. If Riley was bad she got a spanking, and if Daddy was insensitive and inattentive, Riley would just tug on his sleeve and look up with her big blue eyes… and Daddy would find a way to make it right. 

Their relationship changed and so did her wardrobe. Riley and her lover found dresses, skirts and flowy things for her that covered up the often-noticable extra padding on her bottom. She’s a tiny girl so when Daddy puts her in thick diapers and plastic pants (like he has today) it really shows. If she ever gets self-conscious, she needs only to hold her Daddies hand to feel better.

Today’s dress was the first one she wore with her daytime diapers, it was Daddies favorite. She’d sometime get shy and not speak up after she’d had an accident, Daddy found it best to have her in dresses that allowed for convenient diaper checks.

Riley was all ready for her afternoon out with Daddy, she felt a reassuring pat on her bottom and gave Daddy a peck on the cheek as they headed out of her nursery into the world.

Audio Version!

Part 3 soon! Hugs and happy thoughts!

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