crinkles and jeans

I love my nappies, but these pics are from another day… today i’m only in my goodnites 😛 

I’m going to a transgender job fair today! Should be interesting, Los Angeles has cool stuff like this going on pretty often, that’s why I should stay, right? I’m excited to see the turnout, should be an interesting day full of transpeople and opportunitites, meeting people and stuff. I’ve always been curious about the corporate sensitivity training field, it would be great to write materials/activities on how to create safe spaces etc, but also to be able to speak on it to large groups. Just a thought, should be interesting to see how today goes.

Hugs, just a couple pics, some thoughts, Denver thoughts next post, Kitten put one of the videos we made up on her site, featuring Marshmallows! I would give the rest of a look too 🙂

Talk soon, more crinkly fun soon!

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