her nappies

Hello friends! This is your babygirl Riley, back from a long cuddly weekend with a Daddy friend. Nothing special, just a little time spent in Venice, the beach in January is one of the loveliest things about LA. We went out one night, and my friend made sure that I had my nappies on as I should. I was dressed in a rather small skirt, so really thick nappies weren’t an option. I luckily had a few Abena S2’s lying around, so I got one on and we went out for the evening.

It was a nice time, went and saw “Her“, which was really cute and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. Plus, some of the scenes in the movie took place around LA in the near future, and I had been in a few of current time versions of those spots just the night before. It was nice, and by the time we were out I was a pretty soggy girl. I was taken home for a change and a cuddle, I couldn’t help but pull up my skirt and show off my crinkles 🙂

It was a nice time, and a bit of a new years resolution for me. I have been a little shy lately, haven’t been snuggling with other diaper girls or daddies, a little girl like me needs lots of snuggles! I guess it’s finding a balance between my little side and mommy side, to cuddle and be cuddled. If you’re a little in the Los Angeles area, feel free to poke me and say hi 🙂

Hope all is well, check out the “See me Live” page and look forward to a little video later this week 🙂 Hugs everyone!!!

snuggle sessions

I took some pics of my friends crinklebutt! If you’re on Fetlife, they’re Paddycakes, I’m StayKinky, come say hi 🙂 
Thanks for all the happy new years thoughts! New posts tomorrow with a couple pics of me (don’t want you to fall for some other diapergirl!) and some thoughts about being a mommy, or big sis, or whatever I am to little diapered friends. I’ve got the sniffles right now though, so I could use a big around to make my chicken soup 😛 
Happy first Sunday of the year! Hugs everyone!!!


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I took some pics of my friends snugglebutt ~ It’s safe to assume the diapers in the pics are very soggy ❤ For those on Fetlife, they’re Paddycake, I’m StayKinky ❤ More on StayDiapered.com ~