Enema, Straightjacket and the irresistible urge to hump.

Couple more from a recent visit 🙂 Playful girl in her daytime diapers and dress, and then my evening outfit corset, stockings and pull-up 🙂

My Daddy came to visit! This post gets pretty naughty, so innocent Littles be warned 😛

Yes, I have a Daddy. I’m still open to other relationships and he doesn’t live in LA, but he’s still my Daddy. We may not be exclusive to each other, but he’s still my Daddy. When he drives away I still feel lonely and pouty and forget to wear my nappies. I still wake up thinking there’s someone next to me, and give my bear extra snuggles when I realize he’s not there. It’s not my ideal daddy-little girl relationship and we understand and accept that, it makes us happy and it is what it is until it’s not. I know someday I’ll find someone whom I can share everything with, a home, a life, a name… until then I’m getting Daddy snuggles from someone I care about dearly and that’s just fine : )

When my Daddy and I come home from romping around LA he has me undress for him, it makes me feel a bubbly mix of pretty, sexy and vulnerable. I’ll slowly pull my tights down just enough to accentuate my very soggy nappy, which he inevitably has his hands on by now. I’ll giggle and lean on him, pull my skirt up and wiggle my bottom against him, direct his hands towards my breasts if they haven’t found themselves there already. He’ll wrap his arms around me, reaching down to feel my wetness, pulling up the sides of my nappy, making me very conscious and shy about my accident. “Poor girl wet her diapers”, he’ll say, “that’s why we keep you in diapers, little girls who have accidents need to wear diapers.”

I’ll blush and purr and turn around to kiss his scruffy cheek, and then pounce onto the bed playfully sticking my soggy bottom out and smiling back at him. It’s the mating dance of the diapergirl, showing off my crinkles, mewing, sucking my thumb and being as cute as possible, all to attract the attention of a virile Daddy. By this time, Daddy is down to his party socks, I’ll scooch to the end of the bed on my tummy and stare at his hard daddycock, as if I didn’t know what to do with it. With his help, I solve the mystery and start to go down on him, sucking and kissing and looking up at him, the look in my blue eyes asking “am I being a good girl daddy?”

He’ll smile and say “Yes Riley, good girl” as he runs his hands through my hair, giving me reassurance and flirting with my squee spots, the nape of my neck, behind my ears, making me even more happy to have my Daddy in my mouth. We’ll get more playful, he’ll pull out a little vibrating plug and pull down my nappies enough to get the plug in, and then pull them right back up. I’ll squirm and moan, he’ll grab the cuffs off my wall and carefully fasten my delicate wrists to my head board, something I encouraged him to do. I’m very malleable at this point, feeling very submissive and want nothing more than for Daddy to be back inside me.

Daddy will watch his little girl struggle while he strokes himself, I’ll make little pleas for him to be close, for me to have my favorite pacifier back. He’ll smile, make sure the plug is secure and doing it’s job, and that I haven’t made a sticky mess yet. He’ll position himself on my chest, with his daddycock close enough for me to enjoy, and what happens next would be most accurately described as “facefucking”. I’ll gag and moan, only stopping to pant and mumble “fuck me Daddy”… Before long, I’ve come in my diapers and he’s come on my face, and we’re both exhausted and happy.

He’ll switch off the vibrating plug but leave it in for a little while after just to remind me that playtime isn’t over as soon as i’ve come… I’ll cuddle, listen to the soft music that’s been playing, and enjoy the feeling of being a little girl who has a Daddy to take care of her needs. We’ll shower, go bowling or see a movie, and I’ll spend the rest of the night in my diapers properly cuddled and sated. I don’t get sad when he leaves, I just think of the lovely times we spend together and how someday I’ll be able to have a Daddy that stays.

I didn’t have a Daddy this morning to tend to my diaper needs, just a stuffed bear who stares blankly when I ask them for help, silly bear. I’m grown-up enough to put my disposables on all by myself, and that’s exactly what I did today. I taped on a small ATN, put on jeans and a hoodie, and went about my day with the smiley memories of his last visit in my mind.

Thanks for listening to my little snuggly experience, I’ve been a little shy in writing about my life lately, but consider this story my first step out of the shadows 🙂 Hugs!

So I was wondering if you had any tips on femininity for a M to F transgendered person. My big sister is teaching me makeup and stuff but I want to really be feminine and cute and I don’t really know the best ways to do that because I hid for so long

I think the #1 tip I have for femininity or just transition in general, is when you’re about to perform an action don’t ever think “is this something a girl would do?” or limit yourself in anyway. I’ve always considered it a bit unhealthy to avoid certain sports, video games or movies, events, life paths etc that you desire because you are afraid it would in some way invalidate your femininity.

Just be you, being trans to me isn’t about being a woman or not being a man, it’s about being me. It’s about being comfortable in my body, and to be honest this body isn’t the most graceful one, but that doesn’t make me any less of a girl. If you find that a makeup regimine is a good habit or a way you’re improving yourself, go for it, but just be you 🙂

Ok, one actual femininity tip. Goto payless and buy a bunch of different colors of flats. Wear them all the time, I love flats ~ Also bangs are amazing. Ask yr local hair place about them 🙂  Be well, sounds like you have an awesome big sis!


Soggy night out on the town… in small ATN’s 🙂