So I was wondering if you had any tips on femininity for a M to F transgendered person. My big sister is teaching me makeup and stuff but I want to really be feminine and cute and I don’t really know the best ways to do that because I hid for so long

I think the #1 tip I have for femininity or just transition in general, is when you’re about to perform an action don’t ever think “is this something a girl would do?” or limit yourself in anyway. I’ve always considered it a bit unhealthy to avoid certain sports, video games or movies, events, life paths etc that you desire because you are afraid it would in some way invalidate your femininity.

Just be you, being trans to me isn’t about being a woman or not being a man, it’s about being me. It’s about being comfortable in my body, and to be honest this body isn’t the most graceful one, but that doesn’t make me any less of a girl. If you find that a makeup regimine is a good habit or a way you’re improving yourself, go for it, but just be you 🙂

Ok, one actual femininity tip. Goto payless and buy a bunch of different colors of flats. Wear them all the time, I love flats ~ Also bangs are amazing. Ask yr local hair place about them 🙂  Be well, sounds like you have an awesome big sis!