My friend let me wear their romper, it’s prettttttttty 🙂 I really like these, I’m a side-sleeper which makes it difficult to find solutions for nighttime accidents. Leaking can be really upsetting, there’s nothing fun about stripping your bed in the middle of the night, alone, and sleeping on the couch for the rest of the night. Even with plastic sheets, you still need to do the the diapergirl walk of shame laundry the next morning. Unfortunately it’s a bit warm to sleep in, it’s much better for playtime or naps. Once the velcro closes across the top you can start to feel really little and secure, sometimes it takes a little extra protection.

The romper is best used for cloth, in the first few pictures I’m wearing a Japanese style diaper cover with two cloth pre-folds as inserts, plenty of comfiness and waddle factor. The combination of a impractically bulky diaper and the very baby-ish romper made me feel very safe and snuzzly, I wasn’t able to do much but cuddle, purr and wet myself.

In the last two diaper pictures i’m wearing a Bambino with ABUniverse cloth-covered plastic pants, I’m not sure if they make them anymore. The last picture is my tiny, tiny bottom in a pair of big girl undies, to simply show how thick my nappies are.<3

Happy Sunday, Big Hugs & Stay Diapered ❤

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  1. I like your picture with plastic pants and plastic romper. Very nice. It looks very cute. Please post more of them if you have more of them. So stay diapered.

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