1.) From the Dipsters party here in LA a little while back ~ lots of crinklers in a hotel room, fun! ~ Diaper: Pink AwwSoCute ❤

2.) Bear and I cuddling in the morning ~ Diaper: Race Car Diaper, made by a company I don’t like one bit. Do not buy/endorse these, they were sent to me :/

3.) Bought a new skirt, pulling it up to show off my nappies – It’s one of those skirts with a pair of shorts, the portmanteau being “skorts” ~ I usually don’t like those, but they’ve been pretty good at keeping my nappies all in one place. I still shop at goodwill, the kids part of thrift stores are the best because you can find some really unique stuff for a good price, the skirt was $1.50 😛 Diaper ~ Goodnites

4.) Trying out the Goodnites Tru-Fit’s, wet padded bottom 🙂

I’ve almost caught up on my Twitter posts, only a couple more! Sooooo many selfies and pictures of my butt. More soon, have an awesome Sunday!

1.) AwwSoCutes under a romper ~

2.) Leaky girl in tights

3.) Coloring pages from cool internet artists 

4.) I colored a Princess!

I’ve been wearing diapers pretty often lately 🙂 Just a little snuggle bottom ❤ more randoms from twitter 

some random babygirl pics over the last few days ~

I wore my S2’s alllllll day ❤ I had to change out of the blue dress because it got a little wet :0

pics from my @rileybbq twitter~