I just wanted to say that I love the way you live your life, and are proud to be you. You’ve given me confidence in myself, though we’ve never even met and I thank you for that and would like to send you my love and support. Continue being awesome <3

Thanks for your thoughts, happy hugs to you 🙂 I really do appreciate the kind words, sometimes things can be tough, but i’m so often reminded that there are cool, caring, postive folks out there, and it’s great when we can root each other on ❤ 

i don’t know how to internet

Constantly updating the look of the site, for some reason the text under my posts wasn’t showing up. I’ll be looking for a more consistent theme, something so you can search different Tags easier. I liked the last one, but whatever I did with my limited knowledge of web authoring made it fall apart :/ 

More stuff and stuff and stuff soon, not the look of the site that matters, but what goes on it, right?