A few more from my old 2008 nursery, when I started to get really into blogging. I couldn’t comfortably fit into the crib so I slept on the floor. I was living and working as a girl at this point, but wasn’t medically transitioning, I was not really happy, but good at pretending I was.

You know, I’ve never lived in one place for more than a 3 years my entire life, that might help you understand why I’m such a vagabond. I’d love to someday settle down, but that just never really seemed like a reality for me. I’m optimistic about the future though, who knows what it will hold 🙂

Hugs everyone! Doing some retrospective stuff while I get over the Flu, changing from roughly 3 years in sunny LA to the frozen tundra of WNY has been tough, dry skin and sniffles, but I’m happy to be somewhere with a little more breathing room (and much cleaner breathing).

Stay warm, stay optimistic, and of course, StayDiapered ❤

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