Couple little captures while making my new Happy Holidays video ❤ It’ll be up soon, happy happy thoughts ❤ 

Ho e does one start becoming a girl, i want to regress into being transgendered

I don’t even know where to begin with this…

I’ve always been a girl, I was just Male Assigned At Birth. Genitals do not equal Gender. 

I don’t even know where to begin with that second line. I think you probably have a sissy fetish. In that case, visit a sissification porn site. 

Being trans has nothing to do with regression, those are two very different things in my life. 

If you are having transgender feelings, the best place to start is finding a community. Reddit has a transgender community that I frequent, you likely have an LGBT center in your town. There’s SOOOO many resources online, such as, which is a bit outdated but still relatively helpful. I feel like I’d be able to help more if the phrasing here was less absurd.

Again though, you want to probably seek out a community and potentially anything before you go ahead and do ANYTHING. I would start with looking up the definition of Transgender.

What’s your favourite Rilo Kiley song?

Sad: Better Son/Daughter

Happy: Arms Outstretched

Dancing: The Frug

This is a really hard question, as I pretty much love everything Rilo Kiley  off the “Initial Friend” pressings and their first two albums. The later stuff has some gems too, like Ripchord and Breakin’ Up, but yeah 🙂 

My favorite ever is Pictures of Success most likely. Thanks for asking ❤

I’ve gotten tooooons of Tumblr messages the last few days be patient snugglers! Hope everyone is well, here’s me and moogle from a million years ago, before i knew how to hair. I still don’t know how to do anything more than brush it, but at least I get it cut everyonce in a while now. Now that I think about it, this was likely the first time I ever grew it out, it went from “standard boys haircut” at great clips to “shaggy stoner” in about 2 years time. I really didn’t want to cut it, I apparently didn’t know you could cut your hair and keep it the same length. 

I’m super happy with my hair and it’s length now, and I look older in this pic than I do now, though it was likely taken a decade ago. Weird, wild stuff. Maybe the Moogle granted my wish to grow up to be a little girl (do Moogles grant wishes?)

A few more from my old 2008 nursery, when I started to get really into blogging. I couldn’t comfortably fit into the crib so I slept on the floor. I was living and working as a girl at this point, but wasn’t medically transitioning, I was not really happy, but good at pretending I was.

You know, I’ve never lived in one place for more than a 3 years my entire life, that might help you understand why I’m such a vagabond. I’d love to someday settle down, but that just never really seemed like a reality for me. I’m optimistic about the future though, who knows what it will hold 🙂

Hugs everyone! Doing some retrospective stuff while I get over the Flu, changing from roughly 3 years in sunny LA to the frozen tundra of WNY has been tough, dry skin and sniffles, but I’m happy to be somewhere with a little more breathing room (and much cleaner breathing).

Stay warm, stay optimistic, and of course, StayDiapered ❤

2008 – Back when I used to post diaper pics on 4chan :0