dressed up, still a little princess~

Hi there friends! I’m writing for the first time in a little while, thought it’d be nice to connect, say hi, let you know I’m alive and well. Life has been a bit slow lately, the snow has been keeping me from going out much, and the time I do it’s taxing, I doubt I’ll ever really adjust to the brutal weather. I’ve been a fairly good girl, focusing on my life, dentists and doctors and taking care of myself. I’ve become quiet the pro at painting my nails.

Haven’t been wearing much, to bed now and then, not really wetting often, though I did do an enema thing a couple weeks ago. I just haven’t’ been in the mood lately, though I have been in diapers (or trainers) the last 3 nights. You keep me in diapers for a week straight, then I’m out of them for only 12 hours and I’ll start saying “I haven’t worn a diaper in forever” or “I haven’t worn much lately”. Silly Riley, with your short memory span.

I bought some dress up clothes, will likely get a regular job for a little while, serving, managing somewhere, I’m experienced enough to find somewhere decent, and I’m likely to start camming again soon, but a bit differently, and less “hardcore” as before. I want to focus on the cute, kinky side of me, not the overly sexy horny slutty stuff. I guess what i’m saying is I really like Knee High socks, and I’m going to be posting some cuddly stuff soon. 

Happy thoughts, I present to you me with glitter and pink and princess bubblegum on her shirt, and me in pink and plaid, dressing up like a fancy business lady. 


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