Sad Soggy Sucker

I’m not really at my best right now. I have been getting some dentistry, and have been a little groggy and miserable from a terrible tooth ache. No worries, next Weds I have an appointment that should take care of most of the misery. I will refrain from going into detail, but I’m a miserable little princess and my bear has been getting non-stop hugs.

I’ve been looking at old pics~ I never really edited this whole set, just me in baby diapers playing cute.

RKS_P1040552 RKS_P1040517

I also have been playing with audio! Have you heard of ASMR? It’s really neat. I made a tiny little clip and have been looking to make more, I purchased a lovely new mic so I can finally make high quality sounds. I think this is a great thing to mix with littlespace! I’d like to take submissions, but I’ll wait until this dentist stuff gets figured out.

Hugs! Babygirl needs love, send happy thoughts ❤

Riley K.

8 thoughts on “Sad Soggy Sucker

  1. Do you love wetting your diaper and have someone change you and also do you ever wear plastic baby panties so people see you are a Adult Baby.

  2. I send many happy thoughts your way and hugs and kisses. Poor dear. My hope is you’re feeling better very soon.
    I wish there was something I could do for you. You’re adorable. : *

  3. i give you my love, hope your bear is looking after you, i had loads of teeth removed so i know what it like (been special needs, bad teeth alignment, maximo facial, but long story)
    hugs and cuddles babyandy (peter & wabbit my new bears)

    • oof, yeah, I don’t have great teeth but am trying my best to get them all taken care of, so I can just keep them clean and hopefully not have too much more dentistry down the road. Bear sends happy thoughts to you and peter and wabbit 🙂

  4. Hi Riley: Sorry to hear of your dental discomfort. Please accept my sympathy and as many hugs as you need. The ASMR is an interesting topic. I’ve heard of whispers used in electronic music and music concrete. Conceptually it reminds me of synesthesia or subliminal suggestion. There are composers and musicians who hear music and see colors, I guess science, being science, needs to quantify it and analyse things. I would imagine that many people would love to hear you whisper sweet nothings into their ear at night. Best wishes to you and all those you love and care for. Get well soon.

  5. Dear Riley, Cincy and Tex,

    I love ASMR! and I have been waiting for the day when there is a “Crinkly Edition.” I look forward to more immensely!

  6. I just wanted to let you know what a daring little girl you are. Give your stuffies big hugs for me, sweetheart.:-)

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