Bedtime, Morningtime, Bloggytime

Hey there friends! Here’s another short little post and a couple little pics of a little snuggly girl! I’m video blogging daily, but only posting the cute ones here and I think this video is kinda cute, it’s got a bear AND a monkey in it 🙂

Hope you like the video, these are a couple pics, the first one was last night and the second is this morning, just slightly soggy. Hugs to all the other stuffy and nappy bedtime friends out there and hugs to everyone else too. Goodnite!

9 thoughts on “Bedtime, Morningtime, Bloggytime

  1. I have thoughts like this I really want a pacifier of my own truelly doo I am teams I wish I was small like that again but I face deppression people don’t like this but my be is trading to be understanding your so cute hmm I have roving chair fantasies

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