100 Days of Video Blogging

Hey there friends! This is a little post to share my 100 Days retrospective from my video blog! I hope you like it, I’m feeling great and it’s been interesting to look back on the ups and downs of the last 100 days. Thanks for all the positive thoughts, and big, big hugs 🙂

DC Amors – First Look

Hi there friends! I know, I know, it’s been months since I’ve posted, I’ve been doing my Daily Vlog for almost 100 days now over at my Transcaping youtube (this is the latest video) and dealing with life stuff. I’ve taken some steps to deal with negative life stuff, and am healthier and happier now than I have been in quite some time. When I’m feeling good, I start feeling good about life, and when I feel good about life I wear nappies and feel little. Soooooo… Here’s a new video! It’s a first look/unboxing of the DC Amor diapers!

They look pretty cool so far, although a bit pricey. I plan to do a full unbiased review once I give them some adequate field tests, which should be fun. I still plan to do a review of the Northshore Cares and a few other diapers I’ve mentioned as well, so thanks for being patient with me.

You can find the DC Amor nappies online at DiaperConn.com s and look forward for the review and more posts, pics, Disney stories and happy thoughts soon. Thanks for sticking with me and happy thoughts!

Song of the Day: She Says It’s Alright – The Rentals