100 Days of Video Blogging

Hey there friends! This is a little post to share my 100 Days retrospective from my video blog! I hope you like it, I’m feeling great and it’s been interesting to look back on the ups and downs of the last 100 days. Thanks for all the positive thoughts, and big, big hugs 🙂

6 thoughts on “100 Days of Video Blogging

  1. Hi Riley,
    For me, I’ve always related to you as more than a fellow AB/DL, but a human being with all the positives and negatives that come with it.
    I deal with bipolar depression and all the roller coaster of emotions that come with having it.
    You are a great cheerleader for many cause, and I’m sure you’ve been told this before.
    But sometimes have difficulty convincing yourself of this. (And here I go with conclusion jumping when I don’t know you personally…)
    Anyway, my mind is a mix of emotions, but I always get good vibes watching you vlogs.
    Keep doing the things that help you feel better as a person. And to hell with the haters!
    I hope 2016 is a great year for you. And that it brings all the happiness that you deserve.
    Huggies & Luvs 2U!

  2. I am a gun nut, constitutional conservative. Don’t lump all of us in with those religious zealots. I have NO ISSUES with what your doing. In my mind, you embody what this country was founded on, and what I fight for…Freedom to be yourself. Keep on keep’n on…I am only a DL, but I can recognize and appreciate what it means to be part of the (so called) “counter culture”. I have no issues with any alternative identification or lifestyle. I do have issues with the government trying to set terms on such things (to me, the government has no business dictating anything involving marriage, race, religion, sex or culture) , but that is another story.

    Do what you love, be your self. If everyone in this country was as honest about themselves as you…it would be a MUCH better place to live!

  3. dear riley
    today was the first time i saw you on youtube, then i spent the next hour reading your blog watching your videos and looking at your pictures. i an so excited..! you are sweet sensitive and gentle baby girl.
    hugs and kisses
    hi bears!
    please send me email riley!

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