One thought on “IMG_2029

  1. Love that wet saggy diaper on you. Don’t think it’d hold another drop.
    Makes me want to squish it around and play with it while your wearing it.
    You need to be changed before your bedtime young lady.
    I could unfasten that soaked Pink Pamper and wipe you all clean.
    We don’t want you getting diaper rash on your cute little bottom.
    Then I’d apply generous amounts of Baby Magic lotion on your bottom.
    Then rub it in between your butt cheeks and up around your clitty area.
    Now doesn’t it smell and feel so good on your tender skin baby girl?
    Lift your little bottom up in the air. I’ve got a fresh, dry diaper for you.
    I’m getting excited just thinking about changing lil’ Riley’s diapers for her.
    Now into your crib you go. Story time, then it’s of to dream land princess.

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