Changing Times Diaper Company

Hey there! Today we’ll be talking about Changing Times Diaper Company, a small ABDL store near the Las Vegas strip. Also, this is my first video in a long time, even though it was filmed in 2017. I’ll post some soon, just taking it slow for now πŸ™‚

It’s an real storefront where you can walk in and shop, I find it really freeing to actually see what you’re buying. We’re all very used to buying stuff online and for a while Conventions were the only way to really experience an ABDL “store”. And it can be a really neat experience to see all these ABDL products all together, it has an interesting effect of both normalizing the experience but also sounding like something out of a fantasy story. What it doesn’t have the vibe of is a sex store and I would be very mindful that it’s not a place for exposing oneselves or doing anything kinky. It’s a fairly discreet storefront in a boring little strip mall, which is frankly the best place for it to be.


Plastic pants and cloth diapers and a tons of brands, from medical standards to cartoon covered designer diapers. They do sell a few onesies if I recall (you can see their full stock at on their website) but not much in regards to outer clothing, though I imagine that can get complicated quickly. Overall, I was very impressed with their stock and I imagine you could find everything you need there for a fun weekend.

I found the store owners to be friendly and talkative and very aware of the needs of the ABDL community, I won’t assume but I imagine the store is a passion product for the owners. I think its great, and especially being in Vegas where many people go to get away, its quite handy to not get a bag delivered to the hotel or god forbid wear Depends or generics. Oh, I’m not that snooty, I wear CVS generics now and then πŸ˜›


This was our haul of crinkles and plastic pants, you can match the brands to the pictures from the last post. I didn’t get any plastic pants though, I have more than a few pairs and don’t really wear them very often, usually only if i’m feeling extra playful. It was a fun trip and i’m sure i’ll be back again soon, check out Changing Times Diaper Company online and if you’ve visited or ordered let me know what you think.

I started this post this morning and am finishing it now after a busy day… this has been a pretty tough weekend, guys hitting on me at work, bad sleep, one of those times where a bunch of things out of your control seem to wear on you and you just have to power through. Long day tomorrow but then I have a few days to relax, write and snuggle the Bears! Thanks for reading and give your stuffies some love for me πŸ™‚



The Catch-Up pt. 4 – Vegas Vacation

Hi friends! Busy busy day for me today, so just a couple words and lots of pics!

Here’s some moments from my West coast adventures around March 2017, I was bopping all around and stopped to meet a diapered friend in Vegas. I believe I was soggy as soon as I arrived off the plane and was excited to try some nicer diapers after wearing just a regular plastic Attends w/ a stuffer.

We saw the indoor rollercoaster and the Pinball Hall of Fame and the Atomic Testing Museum but our first and most important stop was at Changing Times Diapers, the ABDL diaper store in town which I’ll share some pics and videos of tomorrow. Mostly we just waddled around town seeing the sites and having fun πŸ™‚

Waddle was an understatement, I had been wearing pretty functional diapers like Molicare pull-ups, ATNs, Northshore Care Supremes, and I really felt awkward in big thick diapers under my overalls. It was a very nice kind of awkward, how walking became tougher the wetter I got, how heavy they get, it was very much how I like to feel in diapers.

These are some cute Jungle themed Crinklz, I’m not a huge fan of the print but they were nice and big and comfy πŸ™‚ The real winners of the trip were the Barebum diapers, these pics were dry and the fit was just right. I believe these were mediums, and those are usually far too big for me.

My friend and I were out for about 10 hours and I must have had a dozen accidents by the end, they were absolutely soaked but I didn’t feel any dampness on the outside or around the leg gathers, usually my tights get a little damp if i’ve been walking around soggy for so long. I couldn’t get my legs anywhere near close together, could barely sit down and the sheer weight was making me walk obviously like a girl with a very wet diaper. I’m surprised people weren’t offering to change me right there on the street, I desperately needed it.

And without giving out too many naughty little details, that was my Vegas Trip, part of a long touring of California. Next post I’ll show you some stuff about Changing Times! Hope you’ve been enjoying this trip down memory lane πŸ™‚

Hugs and more stuff soon!

Cute Emergency

I’ve had a long cruddy day. I *finally* bought new glasses but the display version looked nothing like what I received, the weather is rainy and bleak and I was called into work on my day off. One of those days.

The second half was better. I took a nap, had a flight of milkshakes. I don’t really drink anymore but tonight would have been a night in which I would have gotten pretty deep in it. Instead I get a flight of milkshakes, shared them with someone I care about, and came home with the energy and balance to put on The Smiths and write this post. Win/Win all around.


I’m still going through all the photos, still around March 2017 during one of many trips back to the west coast. I actually just got back from a very lovely 2-week California excursion, I have fun Disney pics and everything! We’ll catch up to that in time but today’s pics stopped me in my tracks and I wanted to post them ASAP. These were during a Vegas trip, I have tons of fun pictures from that which will comprise the next few posts but I had to post these, they’re just so gosh darn cute.

I believe I was getting all dressed up in this fancy diaper for a night out, I went to that Diaper Store in Vegas all the cool kids go to, I have pics and stuff! It was big and crinkly and It did its job if I recall. There were no “aftermath” photos I don’t think, If I recall correctly that night got a little wild. The diapers were not the only things wet that night.

We’ll leave it there for now, I woke up this morning wishing that one single good thing would happen today, and now that the suns down, I feel my wishes came true. Happy to share with you, big hugs πŸ™‚

And to all the snugglers at CapCon, have a wonderful time, be safe and have fun!

Scissor Clothes

This isn’t exactly a catch-up post, though I did take these pics a while back… So many random goofy cellphone pics.

I absolutely love overalls, shortalls, skirtalls, even snowsuits etc, anything that goes over the legs and fastens at the shoulders. They’re great for diapers and have a very “little” look to them, but I think it goes a little deeper than that. I have distinct memories of teenage me fascinated at girls at school who wore just a tshirt and overalls, it seemed freeing and wonderfully utilitarian. Not worn as just a fashion statement, but something innocent and functional, kinda tomboyish. Granted, this was the early 2000’s so the girls I was interested in were rocking that post-BjΓΆrk semi-raver look, pigtails and overalls and lots of bracelets. I’d like to thank TLC for keeping overalls a thing for a little longer back in the 90’s, and also shout-out to the Lederhosen/Waders fetish communities, keep reaching for the stars.

So I have some weird subconscious thing about Overalls, and I think shortalls might be back in style again maybe? I don’t know if they sell them around here because it’s popular or because there’s lots of farmers. Regardless, a good friend sent me these, but unfortunately it was a little too tight on me, especially around the legs. Not one to admit defeat, I first turned them into capris hoping that would help but alas, my thighs have overcome another foe. At that point I realized I would never wear them outside so I took to altering the crotch. There’s a joke in there somewhere but i’m far too classy to make one.

And Success! they are still a little awkward, but they fit and have plenty of room for extra thick diapers. And like the bodysuit from the last post, its really handy for diaper checks. Littles can be a little shy about saying their wet, but luckily many diapers have handy wetness indicators like yellow stripes or my favorite, stars. I always liked joking about how “in the morning the stars go away”. They’re goofy looking but I enjoy romping around the house in my cute modified overalls, or maybe they should be called showalls.

Raunchy paragraph ahead, be warned… It dawned on me that I haven’t always been clear about my sexuality, though I often jokingly refer to that scene from Blue Velvet where Dennis Hopper yells “I’ll Fuck Anything That Moves”! I guess you would call me Pansexual, I have been with Men, Women, many flavors of the Non-Binary/Trans rainbow, people before and after their transition, before and after coming out, and those who will never come out. I’ve definitely been someones dirty little secret, not that there’s anything wrong with that, my role is not to judge or comment on anyone’s journey, i’m mostly here to fuck. “To Fuck” being a blanket statement, as my most common sexual exploits are nothing like regular fucking. Lots of hands, toys, accessories, costumes, it’s a whole production and it’s great.

I have much more to expand and expose about my sex life and sex in general, but for now, lets leave it to “I’m a career pansexual with receipts and my sexual experiences are defined by a plethora of kinks.” I’ll leave my thoughts on romance/love held back a bit for now also, not sure if we want to open that can of worms.

Thanks for reading! And always remember that when you modify clothing, take the clothes off first. Unrelated advice not based on anything that happened to me.

More stuff soon ❀

The Catch-Up Pt. 3

Hey there! Today’s the first day that has actually felt like spring, and I’m doing some spring cleaning! Dusting and cleaning and re-organizing, nice and cathartic.

I logged into Fetlife (StayKinky on there) for the first time in forever, tried to answer a few PMs on there. That site is such a mixed bag, so many fascinating, cool people, and then the worst kind of people feeling they have carte blanche to send the worst kind of messages. It feels very “old internet”, like the ol’ Wetset forums or Myspace.

Speaking of old, here’s some ol’ pics! These are around Feb. 2017, I was settling into PA and started branching out a bit.


I think this is when I went to see the Warcraft movie. I have a love of going to see movies alone, and it was hard enough to convince anyone to see it with me. I was so excited to see it I had to have an extra fancy diaper on πŸ™‚


Soggy girl after seeing all those big scary Orcs.

20160903_120112Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  20160903_120041

I received this on Amazon and should really get it out for pics again, its pretty sexy and makes it easy to check wetness indicators πŸ™‚


And then some other random ones, I’m a little selfie monster πŸ˜› I also love my stuffies, the Horsey I’ve had soooo long but Eevee and Cake the Bunny are fairly new, they’re all really good snugglers.

Talk soon, and many more random pics coming up, as well as some more current stuff. Thanks for reading!

The Catch-up pt. 2 ~ NY to PA

Hey again friends! So, if you haven’t been following my Twitter, you may know that I’m currently living in Pennsylvania. I grew up in Northern California, in my early 20s I lived in SF and near Boston for a little while, eventually moved to Buffalo briefly and then the S. Bronx, then moved out to Los Angeles for a few years. On coming back to the East Coast, I stayed in a Buffalo for a few months then moved out to Pennsylvania. It’s been an adjustment to say the least, to be in a place where the churches outnumber the gay bars.

No, I don’t have warrants out on me, I’ve just always been a bit of a vagabond. Even as a kid, my folks moved around Norcal constantly, I legit went to 6 different Elementary schools. Change, loss and instability have been a common theme in my life, but you can say the same thing about adventure, discovery and growth. Struggle is in their somewhere too but I’ll be glad to not have too many “Woe is me” moments in telling my story, at least for now

I’m highlighting all this because my journey has been a rather literal one, and it’s part of who I am. I’ve taken trains from LA to Toronto, buses from Albany to San Francisco, I’ve been to countless Dennys and Motel 6’s and have stacks of hotel room keys that would hold up a table. Many of the stories I like to tell have happened on the road. Although a solid foundation to come back to once the travels have ended has been less consistent that the travel itself.

And here is the good news. As of now I’ve been living in PA for nearly 3 years, which gets the “Longest Time Lived Anywhere By Me” award. I’ve seen the same Doctor multiple times, I have a steady day job, granted one that I wouldn’t brag about, but it’s mine and i’m relatively proud of it. I can plant things and see them grow here. It’s nice and through it I’ve been able to grow quite a bit myself.

So now that’s out of the way… lets look at some pics!


This is shortly after the last pic… just thought I looked cute. That backpack cracks me up, it has a big patch on the back that says “Trans” but I didn’t put it there. I guess Jansport knows more about me than I would have thought.


What we have here is a tricksy little Bear. I would often come back to my place in Buffalo and find Bear rummaging through the cabinets looking for honey. Especially cute how Bears little tail sticks out over the cabinet.


The morning I moved to PA. Packed up all my belongings into a rented minivan and headed out through the frankly stunning hills and State Forests of NY and PA. This is the look of someone equally exhausted and optimistic.


Comfy in PA. I think I unpacked my diapers first… everything else took weeks.


2 days after moving to PA a friend was having a good ol’ wedding in Brooklyn. I remember taking this the first night after getting back from NY, the first time I knew I wouldn’t have to deal with trains, planes and automobiles for a good while. It was all very unfamiliar to me, but I was crinkly and cozy and safe.


Visted a Ren Faire, met a Unicorn.


Did anyone ever check out these Tinkerbell goodnites? I think the current Goodnites have Elena of Avalon or some other Disney TV show on there, but I really liked these Tinkerbell ones. I quite enjoyed running around as Crinklebell… unfortunately they are a wee bit small for me, but I still wear them now and then to feel extra cute.

These pics are from the first week or so in PA. I have tons and tons of stories and adventures to share with you from back then until now, but we’re caught up on the basics and I’ll try to continue to fill in the gaps. Keep an eye out for these “The Catch-Up” posts intermingled with posts about what’s going on in my life right now. I hope you like them, it makes me smile to share these snuggly pics with you. Thanks for reading and more stories, pics and fun soon.

The Catch-Up Pt. 1

Hey there friends! I’m back in the blogosphere! I’ve been posting on Twitter @RileyBBQ but decided its time to get back to what I love the most, writing my little personal story on my little personal page. This site pointed to Tumblr for a while, but we all know how that turned out so now I’m here on WordPress. They’re more of a hosting service than a social network and they seem to let you spray your creative juices in any way you please. That’s good for me, as my content has been deplatformed from just about everywhere over the years, probably because it’s so GRAPHIC and SEXUAL. Just look at these pics. How dare I.




I am under no illusions about my content breaking TOS some places, though I have been unfairly targeted in the past, especially on Youtube. The more public you get, the more of a target you are, and for a while there I was a huge target. Luckily, my 15 minutes are up for now, it’s nice to find a home where I can post about my life, crinkles and kink and all. Not to say I won’t be back in the spotlight again, but it was important to take a break. More on that later.


To clarify, I will be getting back on Youtube, doing the PG versions of various upcoming videos and then posting the more explicit content elsewhere. I have a few review ideas, starting simple and getting back to doing my favorite thing… chattin’ about diapers πŸ˜›


As for photos and catching up, I’m starting somewhere around 2016 (with a few jumps back and forth in time) posting some of my favorite random pics over the years. Some of them I’ve posted on twitter, some I’ve been too shy or self-deprecating to post. I hope you like them, and there are many, many more to come. I sure like taking crinkly selfies πŸ˜›



For some context, I think these were taken in a Vegas hotel, you’ll find that hotel rooms are a reoccurring theme in my photos for reasons I can’t begin to imagine. I was trying out these fancy diapers, I’m sure someone in the comments can refresh me as to their name, If I recall they had a .NL website on them.


The 3 pics wayyyy up top are me dressed up cute in my Hello Kitty onesie (Γ  la Target clearance rack) and my shortalls, headed out for a day of fun and adventure. The last bunch of pics are me very soggy after a long day of walking and wetting around probably Vegas, maybe NoHo, it’s all a blur. If I recall, these unnamed nappies were real troopers. I look pretty darn soggy. Some of these new designer diapers put in some serious work.


I’m so out of touch about the 100s of new ABDL diaper companies, I look forward to exploring them. I’ve always been a neutral party when it comes to diaper reviews so don’t expect any direct sponsorships, my dream would be to have a video for every major kind from every major company, so crinkly consumers could make an informed decision. But I’m getting ahead of myself, lets keep it to just pics and paragraphs for now.


There’s a bit of an elephant in the room about “why” I stopped posting outside Twitter. I’m not sure how to put things into words yet, and I don’t want to make it seem like a big deal… but there are some things we’ll talk about in time, things that may be difficult to talk about. Again, taking it slow, I just want you to know I think about this community, this blog, all of you, all day, everyday, this whole “thing” is incredibly important to me. Not even talking about ABDL, but specifically the outlet for expression this has given me. I have received so many kind letters, donations, and positive thoughts from you all that I remain eternally grateful.


To put it into a bumper sticker, Life Happens. I’m feeling healthy and happy, I have a level of stability in my life I’ve never experienced and the creative wells are flowing again. I’ve always said that this community will never get rid of me, we’re stuck together you and I, so lets have some fun with it. Very excited to share more!

More stuff soon! And the little bear says Hello!


The site is a bit of a mess at the moment, BEAR with me as I work on it.

If you have any accessibility issues on this site, let me know in the comments!