The Catch-Up Pt. 3

Hey there! Today’s the first day that has actually felt like spring, and I’m doing some spring cleaning! Dusting and cleaning and re-organizing, nice and cathartic.

I logged into Fetlife (StayKinky on there) for the first time in forever, tried to answer a few PMs on there. That site is such a mixed bag, so many fascinating, cool people, and then the worst kind of people feeling they have carte blanche to send the worst kind of messages. It feels very “old internet”, like the ol’ Wetset forums or Myspace.

Speaking of old, here’s some ol’ pics! These are around Feb. 2017, I was settling into PA and started branching out a bit.


I think this is when I went to see the Warcraft movie. I have a love of going to see movies alone, and it was hard enough to convince anyone to see it with me. I was so excited to see it I had to have an extra fancy diaper on 🙂


Soggy girl after seeing all those big scary Orcs.

20160903_120112          20160903_120041

I received this on Amazon and should really get it out for pics again, its pretty sexy and makes it easy to check wetness indicators 🙂


And then some other random ones, I’m a little selfie monster 😛 I also love my stuffies, the Horsey I’ve had soooo long but Eevee and Cake the Bunny are fairly new, they’re all really good snugglers.

Talk soon, and many more random pics coming up, as well as some more current stuff. Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “The Catch-Up Pt. 3

  1. You are so awesome…thank you for sending me emails….i love you so much…you inspired me to wear diapers in front of people instead of always trying to keep them hidden all the time…if people don’t like the fact that i ❤love ❤ to wear diapers then they weren’t really my friends to begin with…have a wonderful and padded day…i can’t wait to read your next email….danny tohm 😊

  2. Hay it’s good to see you on line again I’m from newhampshire if your ever down this way I’d like to take you to dinner somtime I think you are gourges and would do anything to talk to you eather in person or on the phone hope somday I get to meet you in person it would be my dying wish well have a great day

  3. Well I didn’t realize you had that many followers. I guess I don’t have a chance if you like a partner I’m available I have been an adult baby all my life I have a lot of fun with my baby side. I’m retired can have a good income I’m clean respectable and well-educated but I am a bad baby girl LOL

  4. Oh I forgot if you want to know more about me just put my name in any search engine because there’s only three people in the whole world with that name my father who is deceased my son who’s ameel trabilsy II, and myself and if you look up this my last name see my family there isn’t very many of us you’ll be surprised I love to check you and see if you are wet and have a soggy and or poopy diaper on and I’m not going to change you until I’m sure you’re ready for a change I’m going to bounce you on my knee and talk to you like a baby I know you’ll really enjoy it. I’m going to make a bottle of formula and feed it to you while you’re in my lap and I’m going to pat you on the butt of your diaper while I’m feeding you your formula LOL enjoy you seem like me to have a lot of fun with your adult baby diaper fetish I do too I think it’s hilarious and it feels so good do you have a nursery I’d like to have one do you sleep in a crib I’d love to

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