The Catch-Up pt. 4 – Vegas Vacation

Hi friends! Busy busy day for me today, so just a couple words and lots of pics!

Here’s some moments from my West coast adventures around March 2017, I was bopping all around and stopped to meet a diapered friend in Vegas. I believe I was soggy as soon as I arrived off the plane and was excited to try some nicer diapers after wearing just a regular plastic Attends w/ a stuffer.

We saw the indoor rollercoaster and the Pinball Hall of Fame and the Atomic Testing Museum but our first and most important stop was at Changing Times Diapers, the ABDL diaper store in town which I’ll share some pics and videos of tomorrow. Mostly we just waddled around town seeing the sites and having fun 🙂

Waddle was an understatement, I had been wearing pretty functional diapers like Molicare pull-ups, ATNs, Northshore Care Supremes, and I really felt awkward in big thick diapers under my overalls. It was a very nice kind of awkward, how walking became tougher the wetter I got, how heavy they get, it was very much how I like to feel in diapers.

These are some cute Jungle themed Crinklz, I’m not a huge fan of the print but they were nice and big and comfy 🙂 The real winners of the trip were the Barebum diapers, these pics were dry and the fit was just right. I believe these were mediums, and those are usually far too big for me.

My friend and I were out for about 10 hours and I must have had a dozen accidents by the end, they were absolutely soaked but I didn’t feel any dampness on the outside or around the leg gathers, usually my tights get a little damp if i’ve been walking around soggy for so long. I couldn’t get my legs anywhere near close together, could barely sit down and the sheer weight was making me walk obviously like a girl with a very wet diaper. I’m surprised people weren’t offering to change me right there on the street, I desperately needed it.

And without giving out too many naughty little details, that was my Vegas Trip, part of a long touring of California. Next post I’ll show you some stuff about Changing Times! Hope you’ve been enjoying this trip down memory lane 🙂

Hugs and more stuff soon!

2 thoughts on “The Catch-Up pt. 4 – Vegas Vacation

    • Agreed, loving the posts. Thanks for the info on the store (not saying I’ll ever be in Vegas.) But good to know, at least it means hope that things will because more available.

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