Changing Times Diaper Company

Hey there! Today we’ll be talking about Changing Times Diaper Company, a small ABDL store near the Las Vegas strip. Also, this is my first video in a long time, even though it was filmed in 2017. I’ll post some soon, just taking it slow for now 🙂

It’s an real storefront where you can walk in and shop, I find it really freeing to actually see what you’re buying. We’re all very used to buying stuff online and for a while Conventions were the only way to really experience an ABDL “store”. And it can be a really neat experience to see all these ABDL products all together, it has an interesting effect of both normalizing the experience but also sounding like something out of a fantasy story. What it doesn’t have the vibe of is a sex store and I would be very mindful that it’s not a place for exposing oneselves or doing anything kinky. It’s a fairly discreet storefront in a boring little strip mall, which is frankly the best place for it to be.


Plastic pants and cloth diapers and a tons of brands, from medical standards to cartoon covered designer diapers. They do sell a few onesies if I recall (you can see their full stock at on their website) but not much in regards to outer clothing, though I imagine that can get complicated quickly. Overall, I was very impressed with their stock and I imagine you could find everything you need there for a fun weekend.

I found the store owners to be friendly and talkative and very aware of the needs of the ABDL community, I won’t assume but I imagine the store is a passion product for the owners. I think its great, and especially being in Vegas where many people go to get away, its quite handy to not get a bag delivered to the hotel or god forbid wear Depends or generics. Oh, I’m not that snooty, I wear CVS generics now and then 😛


This was our haul of crinkles and plastic pants, you can match the brands to the pictures from the last post. I didn’t get any plastic pants though, I have more than a few pairs and don’t really wear them very often, usually only if i’m feeling extra playful. It was a fun trip and i’m sure i’ll be back again soon, check out Changing Times Diaper Company online and if you’ve visited or ordered let me know what you think.

I started this post this morning and am finishing it now after a busy day… this has been a pretty tough weekend, guys hitting on me at work, bad sleep, one of those times where a bunch of things out of your control seem to wear on you and you just have to power through. Long day tomorrow but then I have a few days to relax, write and snuggle the Bears! Thanks for reading and give your stuffies some love for me 🙂



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