The Catch-up Pt. 5 – Random Acts

Hey there friends! Quick post with tons of pics and just a few words. It’s been a busy few days of travel, I’m back to work and after taking 3 weeks off for my recent California trip, they’re back to working me like a doggo. But I don’t want to be away for long without notice, I don’t plan on any long hiatuses or quiet periods, so if I’ll be gone for more than a day or two i’ll make sure to let you know.

These first too pics were some terrycloth diapers/plastic pants fun, this is still Winter 2017… I don’t wear cloth very often but when I do, they are often as thick as they can get. Terrycloth isn’t something that I particularly seek out like some ABDLs, they’re a little itchy and towel-like but in the positive column they are wonderfully bulky and make you feel really aware of how wet you are.

These are a bunch of random selfies and bear pics, I spent all day today thinking how much I wish I was home snuggling the bears. I do love my little Cincy bear, I have other stuffies I love dearly, but Cincy is the one I give a big, long weepy hug everytime I travel for more than a few days. I don’t remember the context of that pic of me and the big badger and i’m not sure I want to.

Below is a airplane diaper upskirt, I generally fly diapered but I usually change after security, thats a whole post in itself. And then one of the few times you’ll find me in makeup, I think it was Easter. And then me in my 1986 Vintage Attends Small, I wear one on very rare occasion as a treat. I like having a little stash of special occasion diapers, I tend to categorize my diapers a certain way, like Daytime, Nighttime, Hanging around the house vs. going out diapers… these post ideas are coming fast!

That’s all for tonight, I’m about to roll into bed with the bears and try and get a nice, full nights sleep. Talk soon! Big hugs from me and the stuffies 🙂

One thought on “The Catch-up Pt. 5 – Random Acts

  1. Little girls that suck their thumbs melt my heart! ❤️
    Cute little pink bra too. Can you remember where you got it?
    Glad to see your recent postings. Luvs and Huggies!

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