Northshore – The Movie

I’ve been thinking about getting some new diapers. I buy a ton of diapers from thrift stores, you may know i’m a vocal advocate of thrift stores and they’re one of the best places to find crinkles. I love shopping for/buying diapers and there’s a wonderful gambling aspect to it, you never know what treasures you may find. I’ve found cases of Molicares, rare vintages, strange diapers from faraway lands, although it’s mostly Depends, hospital brands and bed pads. Sizing is also an issue usually, I once found a couple bags of Northshore Care Supremes and squeaked with joy only to find out they were X-Large, I still bought a bag and I’m sure they’ll end up on someones bottom 🙂

You rarely find fancy internet diapers, ABDL folks often invest more thought into concealing their purchases than the non-ABDL aware diaper purchasing person does. You often see people shopping with boxes of Goodnites or Depends sitting openly in their carts, whereas I’ve seen countless “How do you buy diapers discreetly” posts in which people contemplate nosy cashiers questioning their diaper purchases. Sometimes you have to step outside yourself and realize 99% of people don’t see diapers the same way as we do. A cashier asking “Are these diapers for you?” would be interpreted as a joke, not an interrogation.

Back to the point, I have bags and bags of random diapers that are great for romping around the house and short trips but nothing I would really trust using in public, especially during a movie or whatever. I also have a handful of fancy diapers which I’m always hesitant to wear because I plan to use them for special occasions, videos, visitors etc. To boil my feelings of designer diapers down to a sentence, I appreciate them but find them to be impractical and a bit wasteful for my needs. I also have a thing for clinical-style diapers, but I’ll explore my criticisms of designer diapers in another post, but don’t get me wrong, they’re awesome and offer a unique experience, smiling just now thinking of a time in Toronto where I wore a Dry 24/7 on a long soggy day, couldn’t sit, could barely walk, soaked all around the edges… best feeling in all of diaperdom.

While looking online for random diapers, I came across these Egosan diapers which caught my interest, would love to hear thoughts on those. My goto-diaper was always the Tranquility ATNs but I’ve grown out of those (lol) especially since the last few bags have seemed really poorly made, tapes/plastic seem to rip constantly. Kind of like Attends, I got tired of that “plastic bag wrapped around your waist” feeling they get as the padding breaks apart. My second thought was Molicares, but there seems to be so many different kinds and some sort of rebranding going on, I’m not sure if I’ll get the right ones.

This whole post comes around to me likely getting Northshore Care Supremes again, probably the cloth backed AirSupremes since summer is coming up. The smalls fit me relatively well, they seem to be safe and snug (most leaks are cause by a bad fit, not lack of absorbency) and they look pretty cute, have a low-rise on me so they don’t poke out. I need something I can wear out and feel free to use, but also something to wear for “just in case” and won’t feel bad about not using fully, and at 1$ a diaper it’s not a big deal.

The pics below are of me in a very soggy small. I wore them to a movie in my shortalls, If I remember it was Alien Covenant and I had an accident or two and never worried about leaks. That’s a nice feeling.

That’s all the crinkly thoughts I have for the day, midway through this post I showered and got into a random CVS diaper for the morning 🙂 Hugs and more stuff soon, next post will be about Provincetown and/or random crinkly pics!

2 thoughts on “Northshore – The Movie

  1. Hi Riley
    Finished reading your latest post, and I agree the cost of disposables is mind blowing. That is why I wear cloth and plastic pants from They are comfortable and very absorbent. I use the extra absorbent with regular diapers as stuffers. If you like pullups they have them also. Washing and drying is much better than paying a dollar or more for disposables.

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