Crinkles of the Iron Fist Tournament

Have you heard of Hexa&Co? They’re one of those monthly diaper subscription sites like Willow or Nexwear. They send you a big box of their brand of diapers every month, like a Lootcrate or Blue Apron program for diapers. I’ve always found these subscription sites super-shady, they tend to sucker you in with Free Samples etc and then charge the heck out of you, hoping you forget to cancel or they find some other opportunity to over-charge you. It’s very clear it’s not a sustainable business, as Hexa&Co seem to have changed ownership at least, maybe even gone out of business as their Facebook seems abandoned. I def. wouldn’t send them money at this point.

While they may be a footnote the memory of their diapers live on. I bought a box of these Hexa&Co briefs that looked very much like a Fundoshi, which is a traditional Japanese garment probably best known as what Heihachi wore in Tekken 4. People still call it the Heihachi diaper, especially when Akuma wore it in the Street Fighter/Tekken crossover.

TheHexa&Co briefs were medium sized and fit around a 32″-44″ inch waist, but they were super big on me. At first I thought it was some revolutionary new ultra-secure diaper, but after a leaky night out I realized I was wearing them wrong or they weren’t the right fit for me. I guess you could say I wasn’t having much fun in my fundoshi.

Fact: a fundoshi isn’t actually a diaper, it just kinda looks like one when you use PS2 era graphics. I don’t know if there’s a specific name for the elaborate cloth Japanese diapers that you see on sites like, I’ll have to do some further searching for those as I’d love to have some. When you google “traditional Japanese diaper” Fundoshi comes up, so your best guess is as good as mine. Also, “Omutsu” おむつ is Japanese for diaper. I’m happy to say I knew that without looking it up and it’s a pretty cute if you say it out loud.

Looking back on these pics, I think that waistband was meant to go under the diaper, like how the Tena-Flex fit. Theirs some velcro, so you make the belt as tight as you need and then pull the diaper over it. That makes sense. Even an experienced diaper-girl like me can get a little confuzzled sometimes :/

So those are the Hexa&Co diapers, they really make me want to order some Tena Flex, I love how those go on and I could see more modern diapers styled that way, they’re really easy to change. This is a little random video if you haven’t seen them before.

Hugs and have a lovely day, it’s starting to sorta kinda look like spring again, going to spend today hopping around like a little bunny 🙂 I love bunnies! Hope you have a lovely weekend, more stuff soon!

3 thoughts on “Crinkles of the Iron Fist Tournament

  1. The best bit about the tena flex style is being able to drop the front down and reattach it – like for those of us who might use urinals, for oral sex or other kinky fun.

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