Workin’ On It’

This post is a sweet/sour mix. I’m going to post some cute pictures, then the last paragraph or so is going to be some of that moody, kinda sad yet life-affirming writing that I love so much. But first, crinkle pics!

I’m so glad it’s been warm again, these are still old 2017 photos but they evoke that spring feeling of romping around the house in shorts and wearing light sweaters and skirts out, the footy sleepers are put away and the sunscreen and big floppy hats come out. Snow has been the biggest adjustment living on the East Coast, when it warms up a bit it feels more like “home”. Though I don’t miss the 100+ degree days in California, it’s misery when it’s too hot for diapers.

This was summer in NYC, wearing my babyblue tights and princess shirt. I romped around all day in these, had these really big Thai chicken wings with fish sauce. That’s all I really remember from that day, I just remember who I was with and what I ate, that should be enough. I’m perpetually without an alibi. It’s all a blur :/

Actually, after posting some cute pics and thinking about all the random good times, I’ll leave the melancholy stuff for later. I was intending on writing about forward progression and the walls life builds for us, but I’d rather just get to making new stuff. Looking forward, not backwards. The 2 photos here, one was a cabin up in the deep woods of PA, and the second is me nervous as heck at a Dr. appointment, back when I was dealing with some fairly serious colon issues… I’m good now πŸ™‚

I intended on talking about J Dilla and random demise and how we have to make the most of our time. Instead I’m going to chase bunnies around the yard instead. There’s been lots of bunnies hanging around lately πŸ™‚ Then, happily exhausted, I will plant myself in front of the computer and make new stuff to share with the internet. Yay!

The pic below is a bunny that visited today! I love bunnies!

4 thoughts on “Workin’ On It’

  1. Cute bunny. Glad your alright now. I notice that in the first picture you’ve pulled your skirt up again LOL. Not that I mind. They might be oldies but goodies but they look alright to me..

  2. Goodness, it went from being nice and cool to “OMG, It’s Hells Inferno here!” within the span of a day here in California. Despise the heat myself.

    My own rabbit got a new cage/condo a couple weeks ago. She has been a lot less aggressive since then, though the first evening could’ve been better.

    I use cat litter on the bottom for cleaning her leavings. When I filled her water bottle that night, I neglected to screw the lid on all the way and the water leaked into the cat litter. “Oops. 😒” The result was a messy and highly displeased Bunny and some cleanup for me.

    • nothing worse than a displeased bunny! I miss owning my own bunny but I travel too much, I just get little bunny visits now and then πŸ™‚ Hope your bunny finally forgives you πŸ˜›

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