The Catch-up pt. 7 – Lightning Round

It’s been stormy here! The bears and I spent last night under the covers hiding from the lightning and wind and hail. I also watched “They Shall Not Grow Old”, which was a great WWI documentary by Peter Jackson. It was good, but really tough to watch. I made the bears stay upstairs for that one. The bears really want to watch Game of Thrones, they love Lord of the Rings but I think GoT is a little grown-up for the little bears. Not enough positive role-models, the bears look up to Hobbits because they are good and honest and helpful, not just because they have fuzzy feet just like them.

I’m getting into Winter 2017 now, still have my Provincetown and Paris trips to share with you. I’ve been struggling to find the right emotions to share about those trips, they were wonderful and Paris particularly was just magic, I just was in a more introverted mood during that time and there was some pretty dramatic stuff going on in my life, it’s hard to put my head back into that space.

Photos help you remember the good times, so here’s some good times! This was at a Celtic Faire in Fall 2017, I wore my big fluffy princess dress and thick ABU Barebum diapers. It was wet outside that day but I remember being wet inside too 🙂 Especially when I encountered the big scary pumpkin man!

And then we have winter, all bundled up and cozy. I met some reindeer!

Some random no-context pics, me in my Dora tank, me in my birthday suit and Northshores, sleepy girl modeling my sleeper and finally showing off my new shirt from Justice and what I think are Attends.

The sun is starting to shine but the wind still wails. I’m going to hunker down into the wind and get out into the world. Much rather just snuggle up with the bears and stay here on the internet… but alas, gainful employment calls. More stuff soon 🙂

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