Onesie Funsie!

Hey there friends! It’s been a busy bear weekend so I’ve just been taking it easy today, snuggling the bears and wearing some new overalls I picked up (pics soooooon).

These are some cute pics in a onesie a friend sent me, I’m not sure where it’s from but I think it might be Little For Big, which I’ve heard and been told that the owners are not very cool, especially towards trans people, but honestly i’ve been out of the loop and not quiet aware of the whole picture here. I guess what I’m saying is my outfit isn’t necessarily an endorsement. Except my Sonic Youth shirt. I wholeheartedly support Sonic Youth.

The topic at hand is not the ethics of ABDL companies, though that is an important topic, but rather I’m here to show off pics of my crinkle butt 😛

I do love onesies, though I’ve come to wear more grown-up womens bodysuits as opposed to cute babyish ones, mostly for work. I have a nice collection though, some really cute snap-crotch Disney bathing suits from Hot Topic, those really awesome Hello Kitty onesies from Target that I’m certain every crinkly person on the internet has seen or owned at some point.

I got side tracked there 😛 These are the rest of the onesie/tights photos, I think onesies and tights are so cute together. I often wear a plain white or black one under my work clothes, keeps everything in the right place and not showing at all 🙂 They work especially well with overalls, and you know how I love overalls!

Just showing off my diapers again 😛 I’m just as prone to pulling down my tights as I am to pulling up my dress. Such a naughty little snuggler.

Hope you like the pics! I’m going to be posting a couple of my favorite videos over the next couple days, along with some more travel pics! Hope your spring is springing along nicely, more stuff soon!

7 thoughts on “Onesie Funsie!


  2. I like the picture that shows you sucking your thumb. Very cool and babyish. As for me it’s a wet day with all the rain here, and I’m in a wet diaper inside!

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