Clever Crinklers needed for help with Diaper Reviews!

Hey there crinkly friends! There’s a whole new world of diapers out since I last did a review, and I need your help working out my review system.

I’ve worked it down to 5 different aspects to individually cover and then come to a final 5 star score. I want my videos to tell you everything you need to know about a diaper, so the ratings etc. are more to highlight or point out failings of products. I’d like less to talk about my personal opinion, but rather to provide some info and let you decide. But first, I’d love some feedback on this ranking as I begin the effort to REVIEW EVERY DIAPER EVER!

You can see a rough draft of this format in my older review of Goodnites Tru-Fit ( ) including a look at what the scoring system could look like. ( )

Here’s what I’m thinking for the criteria ~

Absorbency – A technical analysis of how much it holds and how well it wicks to prevent leaks. Get out that blue liquid for a visual example and share the specs for how many oz/ml it holds. Depend Sillouttes would score low, where Wellness Briefs would score high.

Quality – The durability and craftsmanship of the materials. Do the tapes pop off? Is the inside scratchy? Does the back rip when you bend over? How are the leg gathers and the packaging? Low scores for diapers that fall apart, high scores for sturdy tapes and things like Aloe or landing strips. Depends score low, those UK Tena Slip Maxis score high.

Wearability (or “Comfort”, thoughts?) – How well something wears in diverse situations, under clothes, hot weather, durability, how it holds up while walking, breath ability, even things like PH balancing/smell issues. This is a tricky one and why I don’t intend for the final score to be cumulative, as some diapers aren’t intended to be worn outside and that shouldn’t count against them. This is a way to let people know how versatile a diaper is and compliment things like cloth covers, thin profiles, extra strong tapes or belt designs, how easy it is to change in public etc. It feels a little redundant with Quality, but I think it’s worthy of its own category, as that information is oft requested. Northshore Air Supreme would get high marks, something like the DC Amors would score low.

Value – This is where we talk about price in relation to the other categories asking “is it worth it?”. ATN’s would score high, where the super-expensive diapers can be judged by unique selling points such as baby-scent or special designs or extreme absorbency. Some of those 4$ a piece diapers can be worth it, if they are durable and hold a ton or target a specific audience.

AB/DL Appeal – How well they fit into the myriad of interests in the AB/DL world. Focus on designs, cuteness and color, how loud they are, how much they swell, basically how many boxes does it tick off of the “perfect ABDL diaper” fantasy list. Huge points for fancy ABDL diapers.

I hope to spend around a minute on each category, setting videos at a comfortable7-8 minutes with intro/outro and a final score. Again, the final score is pretty subjective and independent of the other score, I kinda question even having one, but It’ll likely be an efficient way to just summarize my points.  I also plan on shooting separate 60-Second reviews for people who need to know what diaper to wear ASAP, so the final score could be valuable there.

Let me know what you think! Is this too verbose/complicated? Is there something I’ve completely forgotten about, or something specific you’re always curious about with new diapers? I want to build a visual diaper archive and hope it could be a valuable resource for both ABDL and others for picking out the right product, so let’s brainstorm! I’d like to be confident in the format before I venture forward with the stacks and stacks of crinkles I have ready to review.

I plan to get feedback from the community about individual products as well, as there may be a common issue that I may miss in my review, or to learn about how they hold up in sizes I don’t wear. I also understand subtitles on videos are important, any other accessibility options that you can think of?

Thanks for reading, feel free to be critical and brutally honest, I really appreciate the help ❤

Bunny in a bear suit!

Hey there friends I have been super busy with work and life, I’m working on a new video and I absolutely haven’t forgotten about posting, just a bit of a dry well at this moment creatively. Focusing on life stuff right now and feeling really good, still beiny a good girl 🙂

I’m here because I’ve got a very cute picture of my bunny and I promised my little floppy eared friend that I would post it. I picked them up a very cute little bear sleeper so they could dress like the other bears. It was a rousing success and the bunny was very happy.

I also just installed WordPress on my phone so I can post a lot easier.

There’s been a little sudden sadness in my life but I’m dealing with it very well, treating myself with love and not letting things get me down. Thanks for reading and more stuff soon if you have a bunny give them a big hug for me 🙂

Writers Bloc

Hey there friends! I’ve been a busy baby, traveling around PA, taking care of the little bears, fun and work and very little drama. Life is good, but I’ve been having trouble finding things to write about. So for today, I’ll just share some cuddle pics and leave it at that ❤

Little bear loves pop-up books.
Loving my babyblocks diapers 😉
Wearing diapers in the dressing room 😛
I was pretty soggy that day
New clothes after a long crinkly day, what I really need is a new diaper 😛
And finally, little bear dressup 😛

More video and all that good stuff soon! Keep checking my @RileyBBQ twitter, have been sharing lots of cute pics on there!