White (Preface)

This is a little rant about some of the persistent people that have contacted me over the years with negative, uncomfortable and/or pedophilic comments, and how it can erode my desire to make content because I know these people are enjoying it as well. Reader discretion advised.

There has been someone who has commented with something involving a meticulously described white dress and an underage girl and all these strange religious allusions, I’ve been blocking and deleting them and reporting them but they still find a way to post. It get’s tiring, frustrating, and makes you not want to be a part of anything to do with the ABDL world.

I’ve had serious, real-life, police-involved issues with people not understanding privacy, limits, safety or with people who disagree with my message/existence in general. But frankly, the TERFs or trolls are one thing, the invasive ABDLs are another. I’m a target, especially how long I’ve been posting, adding the fact that I’m divisive (read: trans) to some, I tend to receive more than my share of nonsense. I’ve gotten quite good at protecting myself and more comfortable with the block button, but it feels like the nonsense is at it’s peak and only getting worse with people more virulent and outspoken.

I just feel AB/DL and any minority really just needs to contemplate ways to not let them win, not let them drag us down. I beleive there are ways, but much of it comes internally, to overcome the inevitabile slings and arrows. It’s so painful to share your heart and have it derided, misunderstood or attacked. For me, it was tough to start sharing it, and has been tougher to open up after each consecutive blow, though I have been better at dodging them. 

Basically, my little white dress in these posts made me feel bad for a second but I snapped out of it, telling myself “Don’t let ANYONE make you feel bad about your healthy hobbies”, even if the most uncomfortable stuff comes from within the fandom. Believe me, I have seen and heard the absolute depths and it’s messed with my head, fearing that their dark fantasies are a reflection on me, that i’m really this bad person inside too because i’m enabling them. But I must remind myself, I’m me, they are them, and the twain shall never meet.  

With that said, crinkly comments, kinky ideas and constructive criticism are always welcome, just remember you’re talking to another human being 🙂 A friendly human being, but one with limits.

Anything to do with minors (under 18) is never welcome, I will report your ass.

——Rant over ~ I feel better——–

Look forward to the next post, which is up now!

4 thoughts on “White (Preface)

  1. I read your post and I think that people who are posting that type of stuff should be reported and if you like being an ABDL and it doesn’t break the law then it’s none of their business

  2. I am behind you and I admire your admissions and your witness to the thing’s you have experienced , i feel and hope you are stronger by them but i know it all costs your nature suffers from all the negativity but you have overcome adversity and you are still cuter than ever so accept that you are well seasoned and use your full experience as a tool to stay true and healthy and not permit any thing stay in your way to long take care from preferie

  3. Riley, you’re the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen. Love all of your ‘Sadie’ videos. Take care of that gorgeous body of yours too! xoxo Billy

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