Alright, I needed to get that last post off my little chest, I originally had it prefacing this post, but I’d rather keep this one all light, and all fluffy πŸ™‚ So, I have some pics to share from a recent Festival day!

Sometimes when I want to feel extra comfy and padded I wear one of my many diaper covers over my disposables. It really doesn’t serve a purpose other than looking super-cute and lessening the crinkly sounds and you know I don’t mind the crinkling. I also wore a stuffer, but I did something I have a bad habit of… I put in one of those Tranquility Stuffers, and right as I’m about to walk out the door I stop, reach into my diaper and take it out, afraid that a day of walking with a stuffer will be too uncomfortable.

For this day it was Paris-bought Tena Slip Maxis, diaper cover and tights covered by a cute thrift store find, what seems to be a hand-stitched lacy dress, I live around alot of Amish and crafty people so thrift stores in this area are lit πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯. I’m into cotton and breezy fashions, especially vintage and even victorian style ABDL stuff. You know how they used to make all kids wear dresses in the 1800s, there was no boy/girl clothes, there were just baby clothes? There’s some neat looks that came from that, very “sissy” but not over the top. I do like poofy dresses and stuff, but for walking around in public I prefer the more simple, elegant breakdown of the design. Baby clothes are pragmatic clothes, and what’s more simple than a bleached white sleeveless dress? Good for diaper changes and checks. The clothes should be easy, it’s the diapers and the girl that are the complicated parts.

Speaking of silly things little girls do with their clothes, on the way to the Festival I realized I had my tights on backward. These are vintage tights, they have the lines running up the back and my silly self forgot about them and only realized in the car. So, of course, I have to slip off my shoes, pull up my dress and down my tights, avoid stop signs and tall trucks so no one can spy on my re-arranging. I’m trying not to distract the driver and am feeling kinda silly, but of course I’m taking silly pictures too πŸ˜› Car pictures always come out so cute… must be all the natural light and the air of exhibitionism.

I had a long day, fun day, and came home fairly damp. When I got home and wet it the last time it did leak a little bit, so maybe the stuffer would have been good. I think my next post will be about stuffers…

So a long diaper day with a leaky little end πŸ˜› I hope you like the pictures and this is basically the last set taken with my old phone, I have a new mobile which means new camera and better pics/videos! Here’s one I took the other day when I was romping around in my Goodnites πŸ™‚

Life is exciting and refreshing and positive things lie ahead. Give your stuffies a snuggle and look for more stuff soon πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “White

  1. It wasn’t that you had your tights on backwards you just needed to show pull up your dress in the car to show your diaper LOL. Very cute as always

  2. Hi Riley,…

    Nice that ‘we’ may look inside your life…

    But when I see this comment…. “You know how they used to make all kids wear dresses in the 1800s, there was no boy/girl clothes, there were just baby clothes?”

    Because there was in the good ol’days a time when boys wear pink,.. not blue

    And than i think,… Maybe you know,… when babypink for boy’s change to babyblue for boy’s.?

    Did it change at the second world war? I don’t know

    greetings from The Netherlands

    melissasabrina (TVABy)

  3. I really like this “White”. Very good. I hope most of us are good for you and those otherwise are the exception. I really think Kawaii is you. Am I wrong? There are really interesting outfits and accessories. I’m going to check out some outlets here, with you in mind. Take care and I hope positive always drops your way.

    Enjoy a wonderful weekend, Antonio

  4. I’m glad you’re able to enjoy yourself, even with all the negatives alluded to in the previous post. Reading your ups and downs gives me some positive influence. πŸ˜‰

    Also, I’ve nowhere near the build to ever attempt the little white dress look. :p

    Probably the best thing I’ve found to prevent myself from focusing on the negatives is to keep a full plate. The busier I am, the less time I’ve to focus on the bad. Photography aside, I’ve also volunteered for the local theatre, which will probably consume much of my free time. Just need to find things that take up my time and concentration, it’s when things stop and my mind is allowed to wander that grievous depression hits with the force of an avalanche. I despise it and the hurt, but there’s nothing to do than to keep going.

    As far as photography goes, I’d like to think I improved a bit. I’ve made cards for friends and coworkers, and also have a 12×18 print hanging on the wall. Amazon makes some pretty decent prints. Wondering if selling them will be an option in the future, perhaps not as primary income, but for a bit of extra money on the side.

    Hope you don’t mind me writing a bit about myself here. I very seldom ever talk about myself to anyone. Hope things go well for you. Keep creating.

    Also, Huggies Overnights are my favorite stuffers. πŸ˜€

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