Can’t Keep Up!

I have been posting and posting, but I keep taking more pictures than I can keep up with! I have been working on a more efficient way to post pics on WordPress from my phone, the app makes it hard to post galleries instead of just single pics. I’m figuring it out but in the meantime check out my Twitter at @RileyBBQ and Instagram @StayDiapered, where I have been posting tons of snuggle pics! There’s a little Twitter Widget on the side of the page too that you can click and visit 🙂

As I said, I have been taking tons of pics because I’ve been a little diaper monster the last couple weeks. I feel a little rejuvenated by it, the weather is cooling down so it’s easier to wear, I generally feel good about life and that allows me to enjoy the things I truly enjoy. So in the pursuit of doing some catch-up and getting current, here are my favorite pics over the last few days 🙂

More Random Pics Tomorrow! Getting closed to catch up, but I’m about to snuggle up in bed with another diaper, so they keep coming 😛

Hugs!!! Thanks for looking 😛

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