Let’s talk about Pokemon, shall we?

I was really really into pokemon until I was about 12 or 13 years old, We’re talking Gen 1, animated series, merchendise, stuffed pokemon from KFC, the golden card pokeballs from Burger King, the trading card game, I was all about it. Vulpix, Growlithe and Psyduck were my favorites, and of course cute little Eevee.

I’ve always seen Eevee as an inspiration because it can grow up to be whatever it wants, If you don’t follow Pokemon Eevee can turn into a fire type or a water type or electric type when it of evolves, and I always found that endearing, because when I evolved I wanted to turn into a girl-type.

But sadly someone did the evolving for me as is often the case with innocent, vulnerable things like Eevee. I was basically peer pressured into not liking Pokemon, mostly by my mom and stepdad, and coming around freshman year it really wasn’t “cool” to like Pokemon. People were doing grow up things like flirting with girls, getting in trouble, smoking behind the bleachers, And I was told I wasn’t gonna get anywhere in life unless I was doing those things, playing Pokemon was for “losers”.

That of course is not the case and Pokemon is as popular now as ever, and if I were to pick it up again I would definitely not be the only person in their thirties playing Pokemon. But more so I think if I would have continued doing the things I like I would have found my authentic life much quicker, would have not spent so much time trying to balance “fitting in” with my own particular quirks and interests that go against what most people find acceptable. I don’t really care what “most people” think, my friends and lovers and people I care about aren’t “most people”. They’re individuals and I love them.

I bought 5 of these same Eevee shirts when F.Y.E. was going out of business, aren’t they cute! I love baseball tees, elbow length-sleeves, purple, but most of all I love Eevee! Whenever I wear this shirt I think about how we can be whatever we want to be, and to make your own way in life.

The last Pokemon game I played was Pokemon Yellow, which cosmically came out 20 years ago (October 19th, 1999), both a strange coincidence but something that also makes me think about time a little too much for my liking. Maybe someday i’ll get a Switch and try Let’s Go Eevee, I also wanted to try the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series at some point, I love that Final Fantasy Tactics style.

So that’s some thoughts on Eevee, I just picked up Dragon Quest 11 and look forward to playing that, I need a cute snuggle game. I haven’t actually sat down and played a game in what seems like weeks, so I think this week I’ll take some time to battle some slimes.

Hugs, and thanks for reading… and the last picture is rated “S” for Soggy 😛

5 thoughts on “Eeveelution

  1. Eevee has more evolutions now. Here’s Eevee’s new evolution tree:

    Eevee (obviously)
    Vaporeon – Use Water Stone
    Jolteon – Use Thunderstone
    Flareon – Use Fire Stone
    Espeon – Level up with high friendship during the day
    Umbreon – Level up with high friendship at night
    Leafeon – Level up near a mossy rock
    Glaceon – Level up near an icy rock
    Sylveon – Level up with high affection while knowing a Fairy-type move.

    With Generation 8 on the horizon, there could potentially be 1-2 more Eevees. If you were to get back into it now, you’re right, you’d be far from the only older player. I think you might enjoy it.

    • I know about 6 months ago I decided to get a PS4 instead of a Switch, And I hardly play the PS for any more where I know I’d probably still play the switch, Especially since are so many cute games on there. I pretty much bought the PS4 for bloodborne.

      Thanks for sharing eevee really has a lot options like all of us 🙂

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