New Video – “Is AB/DL a Fetish?”

Hey there! I have a new video out, “Is AB/DL a Fetish?”

I know the keying/greenscreen isn’t perfect and this is like the 3rd version I made of this, others were too rambling or unfocused, this time I tried to sum everything up as concisely as possible. It’s still a bit longer than I’d like, but as I mentioned about my last video, I do plan on expanding on this stuff as time goes on as far as making completely [Revised] editions. I just have some attention coming to my channel very soon and wanted to have some learning tools prepared for when people ask common questions.

I made this to also spark conversations among ourselves and the community. I see this a particular way and try not to impose that on others, but also set some practical guidelines about expressing yourself in public. I imagine this would cause the most backlash as some people are more open about this than others. The standards set here are focused on respect for others, which everyone can agree is important.

So basically, I wanted to frame this in familiar language and the mainstream understanding of kink, using my own experience to help make it relatable, and dispell misconceptions about the more misunderstood elements.

Thanks for watching and feel free to share some ideas on what I could do better or what you’d make more clear, it really helps as I continue to define, rethink and make learning tools for this. Let’s talk!

More stuff soon, thanks for joining me on this journey 🙂

2 thoughts on “New Video – “Is AB/DL a Fetish?”

  1. It’s really great you’re trying to explain this, but your explanation is massively confusing. Understanding that ALL fetishes are sexual*, and abdl is not always sexually based, then the obvious answer is ABDL is NOT a fetish. Yet you say it is.
    *as defined by many dictionaries.
    Ps. Keep in mind that urban and wiki just go by popular useage first. Oxford lists definition in order of accepted use first, and and merriam webster list defitions by word history so the last entry is the currently accepted term. With that in mind, all sources agree that would under current usage, ALL fetishes are sexual. Unless you’re talking about magic worshiping.

    • So here’s a bit of a ramble as I try to understand this ~ ~

      Basically, AB/DL is a fetish to Riley, compliments other sides of life, so it’s not always sexual, but it’s also sexual if sexual means arousing. (leaving out all the complicated stuff about Riley’s sexuality/gender identity, because that’s too personal to really apply here)

      But to hypothetical Mary, it’s not a fetish at all. Mary isn’t sexual like Riley, or maybe Mary just doesn’t get an erection/wet/turned on whatever EVER when Mary wears diapers and/or regresses.

      So, if you were to write down the experiences of these to people to chart what is or isn’t empirically a Fetish, you would write down Yes for ABDL, because even if it isn’t a Fetish for Mary, if you were only observing Mary you would write No, but since you are observing both, you put Yes.

      Think now if you were charting this as a therapeutic activity, same way as we did with a fetish. If you observed Mary, you’d put down Yes, this is therapeutic, and you’d do the same if you were observing Riley or both Mary and Riley.

      So is AB/DL as a fetish a thing? Because it is for Riley, it can categorically described as a kink, fetish, sexual thing whatever. Now since Mary does mostly the same things as Riley, she feels others might mislabel them, or that Mary feels she’s no longer valid identifying themselves in similar ways as Riley, because their motives are different. And Riley doesn’t want anyone to feel invalid or unwanted, so she writes rambling unscientific responses to try and figure this out.

      That’s why it’s tricky as hell to describe this to outsiders, framing this in colloquialisms is always going to be reductive and counter productive. But that’s why I try to keep the door wide open and focus on my own experiences, and try and impart what I’ve learned from the community.

      It’s unfortunate that AB/DL is a combo, that’s why I like to describe it as Diapered People and or Diaper girl/boy or my favorite, “crinklers” and instead of Adult Baby (a term I’ve never liked) using Littles or Ageplayers (not fond of Ageplayers either, just eff labels). I feel another clarification video coming on, though I did try to distinguish that not everyone crosses over, maybe it’s more clear to further define them separately moving forward. Maybe something like “The Difference Between AB and DL” or just get all up in it and do one on “Why AB/DL is an outdated term”

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and check out the video.

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