I Spent A Day With… Adult Babies!

Here’s that Anthony Padilla video that i’ve been all excited to tell you about!

I can’t stand this thumbnail but overall it’s positive, with a little bit of an intimidating opening. I have lots to say about it, but it’s been a busy day with regular life stuff and I’m snuggling up with the bears for bedtime now 🙂

More stuff soon!

3 thoughts on “I Spent A Day With… Adult Babies!

  1. I’m really inspired by how open you are with speaking out about what is ABDL and the way you live your lifestyle. ABDL brings me comfort but fear of judgment and to see you speak openly and share how happy it makes you makes me happy.

  2. The beginning aside, the video was quite a bit more amusing and way less cringy then I thought it would be.

    I do sometimes wonder if me being able to remember back to 2 years old (my ridiculous long-term memory is probably my only good intellectual trait) has anything to do with my affinity for diapers. I wasn’t toilet trained until about 5, so that’s close to 3 years of life (much of it startlingly vivid) I remember in diapers. :p

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