Wild Week!

This has been a big week for this little girl!

~ Got Laser

~ Hung out in Philadelphia

~ Moved a bit closer to becoming Election Judge

~ The Anthony Padilla video came out!

~ Had an article in a Buffalo paper

Coming up I have the Election and some personal stuff, a close family member is having heart surgery, they’re close to my age, and we’re all sending really positive thoughts. I’m glad to be emotionally available, to be able to handle myself and support others during tough times. Things have changed a lot this year.

Speaking of changes and to drastically switch gears… I’ve been an absolute crinkle butt lately. I’ve been trying on all sorts of new diapers and taking tons of selfies. Here’s a bunch over the last week 🙂

I bought this dress thinking i’d never wear it out, I pulled it from the closet and realized it looked perfect for the Ren-Faire. I love puffy dresses, tights and thick, safe diapers 🙂

This was filming the “Is AB/DL a Fetish” Video, I filmed a whole video (dozens of takes, I’m obsessive) and realized I had green on my shirt and it made the Keying look terrible, plus I just wasn’t happy with the video. I made another one the next day and it turned out much better. This is clear evidence that I do all my video pantsless 😛

Mostly it’s been Northshore MegaMax Smalls and BetterDry Mediums, with some randoms thrown in, I think the bottom is a Northshore AirSupreme Small. I like those, but the MegaMax Smalls I think are my favorite, most trusted diaper at the moment. I’ll keep doing research and searching for flaws, review soon!

Thanks for reading, positive thoughts, if you’re like me you’re back into footies and have your stuffies in their winter clothes ❤

Stay warm and Stay Diapered ❤

3 thoughts on “Wild Week!

  1. Great job with the Anthony Padilla interview! You seemed very informed and confident!

    Love your work, and thank you for years of inspiration!

    Long time reader

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