Review Preview!

Hi Hi! I was hoping to shoot my new video today but ended up just finalizing my review system, setting up a template I can apply to any review. I wanted to have things prepared so the reviews all have the same format and my video workflow moves much smoother. That’s what i’ve been mostly doing, setting things up so when I get going I can stay going.

I plan to end each video with a card like this that you can use as a quick reference for each different product. I think I like the second one better, but the first one has a little more color to it. Would love to hear feedback! I want to make it obvious from seeing this picture that Depend Protection With Tabs is a fairly bad diaper. Anything else you’d want to know?

More video soon, a short explanation of the review system and a review of these Depend 3-tape diapers. Writing this right before bed with my bear in my lap and a Depend on, gotta do the research! Wish me a dry bed tonight, these Depends are not very trustworthy 😛 Thanks for reading ❤

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