yawny babby

Oof, I’ve been fighting this cold for a week, my throat is sore, i’m feeling super blah. I always have a week like this when the seasons change from warm to cold, having grown up somewhere that didn’t have seasons it’s been an adjustment. I also never eat potato chips, but I randomly did and had my first acne in a long time, lovely. My heart is warm and I’m feeling positive, just a little bit of a mess right now 😛

For some good news, coming Tuesday I have a new video all about “Fluffing” your diapers. I’ll also be doing an ongoing series of “Diaper Check” posts where I talk about what i’ve been wearing and what’s going on in the crinkly world. I’d love to do something podcast adjacent, interview other AB/DLs etc, I have too much on my plate right now, but as time goes on I could see finding space for that.

I also have plans to publish some of my creative writing as well as do more introspective blogging on here, but for now I’m setting stuff up, taking it slow. For today, my little brain needs some rest so I’ll just share some of my favorite recent pics, if you’d like to see them 🙂

First 2 pics are from my recent Judgeship work, I did comb my hair before I left the house. The rest are just me and various stuffys loving the Northshore MegaMax ❤

Life is good, a bit ill but will be better in no time! Hope you like the pics, more tomorrow! Thanks for reading ❤

Today’s Song ~ The Clientele – Since K Got Over Me ~ Twee indie for rainy London days

2 thoughts on “yawny babby

  1. Hey Sunshine sorry you aren’t feeling well, try some Chicken Soup always works for me. Crinkle up and take it easy🧷🧷😍💖😘

  2. I hope you feel better Riley, I love your pictures, & the Northshore Megamax diapers are awesome, they look good on you, I have those too, wearing one. I always love reading posts, keep up the good work, & get well soon, there’s no rush

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